Dems Recommend Man to Replace Suzanne Ness on County Board

Thomas Pavelko. Photo credit: Nixon Peabody, LLC.

Despite soon-to-be State Rep. Suzanne Ness desiring a woman to replace her on the McHenry County Board when she steps down, McHenry County Democrats have put forth a man.

Crystal Lake attorney Thomas Pavelkois the recommendation.

He has Ness’ support.

He lives in the Spring Lake Subdivision of Lake in the Hills.

His law firm,Nixon Peabody, LLC, describes him thusly:

Tom Pavelko is a department attorney in the Intellectual Property Counseling & Transactions group. He focuses on patent prosecution and intellectual property litigation matters.

He has a chemical engineering degree from Newark College of Engineering and a law degree from George Mason University.

Pavelko worked for the U.S. Patent Office while attending law school.

McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler is required by law to appoint a Democrat, but not necessarily the one recommended by the local Democratic Party.

Jack Franks, for instance, did not follow GOP recommendations when he made such appointments.

Buehler solicited applications of people to replace Republican Chuck Wheeler and has been conducting interview of the eight District 4 candidates since late December.

Pavelko served as a Trustee of Lake in the Hills almost twenty years ago.


Dems Recommend Man to Replace Suzanne Ness on County Board — 9 Comments

  1. Seems a little premature for the County Democrats to make this recommendation, seat won’t be vacant until Friday.

    And won’t be “officially vacant” until January 18, when declared vacant at the next meeting of the County Board.

    May Chairman Buehler solicit applications from the public. He has until March to fill the seat.

  2. Not premature at all, John.

    We’ve known over a month ago the seat would need replacing and knew the possibility of it well before that.

    Too bad Haig is running for Mayor.

    I would’ve liked to have seen him in that spot.

    Republicans will need to start interviewing for other seats in that district and all other districts as well.

    Isn’t Bates moving?

  3. In every primary election, there are Democrats who decide to pull a Republican ballot and vice versa.

    Buehler needs to find one of those Republicans who pulled a Democratic primary ballot in 2020 and nominate him or her for Ness’ old seat.

    The Democrats at the county level are not entitled to any courtesy at all after the way they aided and abetted Jacko’s bs during the last four years.

  4. How dare they assume his gender identity!!

    Can I get an Awoman?!

  5. Buehler better not appoint him!

    Nothing but trouble ahead if that turd bird builds his foul nest on the Board.

    No way no how!

  6. Is Buehler eatin’ retarded sandwiches?

    He is if he appoints that porcine parasite.

  7. I concur with the idea that this fellow will be extremely problematic.

    Buehler needs to find some low wattage, elderly Dem who takes a lot of naps and won’t be an impediment to rationality.

    The fact that the rats want him should be the no. 1 reason Buehler doesn’t want him.

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