Higher Salaries for Incumbent Township Officials in Greenwood Township Than for Newcomers

A map of McHenry County showing its seventeen townships plus municipalities. It is dated 2013.

Continuing with our series of salaries for the seventeen townships in McHenry County, we move to Greenwood Township.

2021-25 Salaries:

Supervisor – $25,000

Supervisor elected for the first time – $19,000

Road Commissioner – $87,550 + health insurance, vehicle and phone

Road Commissioner elected for the first time – $70,000

Assessor – $55,000 + health insurance

Assessor elected for the first time – $45,000

Clerk – $7,000

Clerk elected for the first time – $6,000

Trustee – $90 per meeting


Higher Salaries for Incumbent Township Officials in Greenwood Township Than for Newcomers — 9 Comments

  1. The Road Commissioner Goad is a hybrid: part poisonous, sedentary toad, part bird brained grouse (always complaining about his “low salary”) and part gibbon, swinging on trees and flinging feces at the residents who gawk at their township novelty.

    But he’s rarely seen.

  2. Mr. Goad is a great highway chief, Everybody knows it!

    He’s head of TOWNSHIP HIGHWAY COMMISSIONERS OF ILLINOIS and foes a beautiful job in a thankless job.

    We’re so lucky to have him in McHenry County and unlucky to have Andrew Gasser.

    THCOI Board of Directors

    President Don Goad McHenry County/Greenwood Township

    Vice President Arnold Vegter Whiteside County/Union Grove Township

    Secretary Scott Seebach Ogle County/Flagg Township

    Treasurer Greg Menold Tazwell County/Morton Township

    Director Gene Adams Cook County/Palos Township

    Director Rick Allinder Peoria County/Limestone Township

    Director Bill Carlson Will County/Frankfort Township

    Director Marty Crawford St. Clair County/Centreville Township

    Director Robert Czernek DuPage County/Bloomingdale Township

    Director Danny Hanning Schuyler County/Huntsville Township

    Director Steve Helton Douglas County/Bourbon Township

    Director Leslie Hild Logan County/Mt. Pulaski Township

    Director Scott Kegarise Cook County/Schaumburg Township

    Director Tim Killian McLean County/Chenoa Township

    Director James Kensler Unit Road District #5

    Director Glenn Kramer Kankakee County/Limestone Township

    Director Darrell Maxheimer Sangamon County/Rochester Township

    Director Charles Montgomery Piatt County/Monticello Township

    Director Gary Muehlfelt DuPage County/Milton Township

    Director Craig Smith DeKalb County/DeKalb Township

    Director Scott Weaver Tazwell County/Washington Township

  3. In private practise, Mr. Goad would make over $200k.

    It’s a real sacrifice working for the public as a township highway commissioner!

    Townships do so much and get no credit.

    Go after school districts as the tax hogs, not Townships.

    Bob Anderson is nuts.

    He cries about township pennies but neglects millions of dollars of dollars for his school dist. in Wonder Lake.



  4. If Mr. Goad could make $200K in the private sector he would.

    See ya. nobody is that dedicated to give up $113K.

    who are you crappin.

  5. @Save Township

    You know Mr. Goad’s wife is a teacher right?

    Curious where Mr. Goad would make $200k in the private practice?

  6. Give Goad a call at the township pigsty and leave a message.

    You won’t find him there.


  7. Has anybody ever goaded Goad into actually working?

    I don’t consider doing association work for an anti-taxpayer group lobbying for bigger pensions real work.

    How many miles of Road are in that township and are both lanes counted for the total mileage, a nice little Road Commissioner trick on the dumb taxpayers.

  8. When I was an elected official and the time came to set saleries for the elected officials and my fellow board members would want to base the pay on the individual currently holding the position, I would raise a stink.

    There is no litmus test to be an elected official, and the pay should not be based on one individuals ability to be elected continually.

    What would a comparable job pay in the private sector, then start subtracting down to what your gov’t is actually doing.

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