IL-14: Analysis of Jim Oberweis Contesting the Election

Jim Oberweis

Democrat election law attorney applies discernment to Oberweis challenge

Yesterday, Capitol Fax ran an article detailing Republican congressional candidate Jim Oberweis’ Notice of Contest submitted to the clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The detailed analysis can be accessed at the at the link below.

The most significant portion of Oberweis’ challenge, the failure of the Kane County clerk’s office election judges to initial nearly 40,000 vote-by-mail ballots thus nullifying the votes on those ballots.

The attorney cited the following:

“Kane uses pollbooks that record the judges signatures, so they do not appear on the ballot. It’s a more advanced technology that reduces the time a money a county has to spend if they’re reviewing ballots again. That’s why they did the discovery recount so quickly. That doesn’t make those ballots invalid.

Democrat election law attorney via Capitol Fax, 1/5/21



It is not unprecedented for a member of Congress to be seated in a new Congress and then have their election overturned.

With Oberweis’ filing, the House Committee on Administration will have jurisdiction over next steps. Given the discernment applied by the attorney, in spite of being a Democrat, the outcome of the challenge is self-evident.

Monday, January 4, was the last day to file the Notice of Contest. The most to be gained for Oberweis is a do-over election on April 6.

Capitol Fax article from 1/5/21 with analysis can be viewed here.


IL-14: Analysis of Jim Oberweis Contesting the Election — 3 Comments

  1. His campaign was hardly robust and even weak efforts to limit the cheating were not undertaken.

    So Oberweis got taken.

    And we got taken too.

    Wish Mr. O good bye.

    Next time the vote stealing will be even worse.


    Elections have become Kabuki theater for the saps.

    Your masters laugh at your naïveté

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