Aspirants to Replace Chuck Wheeler on the McHenry County Board – John Marcrito

Today, information about the fifth person seeking to replace Chuck Wheeler on the McHenry County Board from District 4 will be shown.

Sunday, Sarah Hagen’s resume was published.

Monday, Charles Hillstrom’s went up.

Tuesday, we looked at what Jeff Buff sent in.

Wednesday, Carl Kamienski’s information was shared.

Today, it’s Pistakee Highland’s Republican Precinct Committeeman John Macrito’s turn.

He emphasizes his activity in McHenry Township government.


Aspirants to Replace Chuck Wheeler on the McHenry County Board – John Marcrito — 12 Comments

  1. You gotta be kidding me!

    Macrito was against the township board declaring McHenry Township a 2nd Amendment sanctuary from unconstitutional political attempts to cut gun rights.

    That was Wheeler’s pet project for the county, but Franks shut him down.

    At least get a decent Republican!

  2. Hmm, put yourself in the decision maker’s role, this case McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler, and you get a letter like this for someone interviewing for a vacant position, even a part-time position.

    Yes, I know, my spelling and grammar could be better in my articles, but I’m not running to be an elected position job like these applicants are doing.

    First impressions, right?

    The postscript misspells a Board Member’s last name, someone who will vote to give advice and consent for the appointee.

    Spacing, spelling and other mechanics errors, and this is not a first impression one would give to someone who will make the decision, with advice and consent, to fill an important position like County Board Member.

  3. Here’s what needs to happen

    All senors +65 rounded up and put into interment camps.

    They contribute nothing to society and had worthless jobs like factory workers or cashiers

    Weed or marijiana eliminated from the country

    Internet disables except between time hours of 5-6 pm cst

    Wheel of fortune canceled – that will kill off a lot of seniors

    No jews

    Households limited to two male children and one female if they can sexually reproduce

    Only one political partly

    Only 5 TV channels

  4. This Macrito is like an annoying mosquito.

    A failed business to his credit and now out of work.

    He wants to feed at the public fisc.

    Corkscrew always had watered down drinks!

    Twice divorced, he brags, but then says his ex spouses were great.

    That means he’s the loser

  5. This guy is a wacko & libtard.

    He trashes Bob Anderson and the 2 other good McHenry Township trustees who cut the outrageous tax levy.

    His “Friends of McHenry Township” is a local BLM front group of radical leftists who want to “community organize” using our tax dollars.

    We don’t need another big government Althoff RINO on the Board to screw us taxwise.

  6. He didn’t even spell the Board Chairman’s name correctly.

    There’s the first clue…….

  7. is this guy a joke or what.

    Ask him if he paid his employees and whether he illegally grabbed a PPE loan.

    Did anybody ever win on his slot machines?

  8. Macrito has a bad rep and is one of the lavender hill mob of RINOs who took over McHenry GOP.

    No way.

  9. Actually in high school Johnny Macrito was the class clown.

    But he didn’t intend to be.

    He was an inadvertent clown.

    He didn’t do it to gain attention or because he was a misfit.

    He just wanted to be loved.

    But he tried trimming a hedge with a lawnmower.

    The concept seemed sound. But the execution proved to be really big problem for him and his idiot friend.

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