Resignations Starting 2021

Allen Skillicorn
Suzanne Ness

Allen Skillicorn and Dave Rickert submit resignations while Suzanne Ness‘ effective tomorrow

The new year brought new elected officials in several offices about to take their seat, or already taking their new seats/jobs in December requiring them to resign from a current elective office.

For some reason, State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R, Sleepy Hollow Arizona) resigned his seat 8 days before his term expired to keep him from being required to attend the lame duck session beginning tomorrow and running through Wednesday morning or for some other unknown reason, like to get attention?

Given the tone of Skillicorn’s long-winded resignation letter, in my honest opinion, he did it to get attention and brag about his moving to Arizona and indulging in 1980s conspicuous consumption playing a 46 years old YUPPIE (young, upwardly mobile professional).

If I see any Skillicorn for Congress exploratory committees cross my FEC alerts Twitter BOT, I’ll know Skillicorn still hasn’t given up his congressional aspirations which he played for nearly 6 months in 2019.

His resignation letter is a read, and it is here if interested.

His successor, who beat Skillicorn to start her term as state representative on Wednesday is District 2 McHenry County Board Member Suzanne Ness (D, Crystal Lake).

As McHenry County Blog shared Christmas weekend, Ness’ resignation from the County Board was announced at the December 15 meeting, with an effective date of January 8.

So tomorrow, begins Ness’ four days where she’s not an elected official until she is sworn-in by Secretary of State Jesse White in Springfield.

Finally (in more ways than one), Kane County Treasurer David Rickert (R, Elgin) formally submitted his resignation over the New Year’s holiday weekend, effective 10PM CST on January 3 (last Sunday).

Kane County Treasurer Dave Rickert at Trump Rally in Algonquin October 12, 2020

As previously written on McHenry County Blog last month, Rickert accepted the position as chief financial officer (CFO) for Winnebago County, reporting to the county administrator.

He started his new job on December 8 and his position was formally approved by the Winnebago County Board on the night of December 11.

During the last week of December, Rickert faced pressure to why he hadn’t resigned his county treasurer elected position since he was already working for Winnebago County for 3 weeks, with formal County Board approval for 2 1/2 weeks.

Rickert’s hasty resignation over the New Year’s holiday weekend was the result of growing pressure among Kane County leaders.

While the Kane County treasurer position is now vacant, it will not be officially declared vacant until the Kane County Board formally declares the position vacant at its next meeting on January 12.

Kane County residents, including significant population in the villages of Algonquin and Huntley, interested in filling the $100K annual salary elected position will need to submit their applications through Kane County.

The applicants must have cast a Republican ballot in last year’s primary. The treasurer office will be up for election in 2022.


H/T to Capitol Fax for the Skillicorn resignation letter.


Resignations Starting 2021 — 6 Comments

  1. Where’s Acosta’s resignation?

    And Pritzker’s?

    Kim Foxx’s? Dick Durbin’s?

  2. I read the letter and didn’t get the same slant you did.

    I sense no love lost between you but “yuppy”, conspicuous consumption?

    Truth is a large home pool and with a fraction of Illinois property taxes is a reality for everyone of my friends who fled to Arizona and Florida.

    My friends who fled to TN and FL pay $0 in state income tax but amazingly have generous public services.

    It’s clear those like us still here are the fools, the State is indeed in a death spiral.

    Just took my annual vacation to Florida.

    The state is wide open for business, full of folks patronizing small business, open and thriving restaurants and a positive energy vibe,

    Coming back to Illinois it was akin to entering a nursing home.

    Illinois Seems very near death.

  3. Where’s Chief Justice Roberts’ resignation?

    Worthless Duckworth’s



    “Judge” Nadir’s?


  4. Froggy, sadly, if/when the Democrats pass their socialist agenda, those states will not be the paradise they may seem, apart from the weather.

    For example, the Democrats about to strip those states of their right-to-work protections, especially with Boston mayor as Labor Secretary.

    Say goodbye to 1099 workers, and hello union power and higher taxes to support them in the south.

    2 new states by year, too, with 4 new Senators.

    Pray I’m wrong.

  5. Lopez, what about the handgun ban bill Dirtbag Durbin is ginning up on the Australian model?

    Good little sheep will be paid the market rate for turning in their guns, so there will be no ‘taking’ w/o due process.

    Of course the people who turned in guns will go another sort of list.

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