Suzanne Ness Faces House Speakership Vote Quandary with Only 16% of Her District Thinking Favorably of Mike Madigan

As has been reported previously, the Democratic Party victor over Republican incumbent Allen Skillicorn, Suzanne Ness, took oodles of money from outside of her McHenry-Kane County district.

Suzanne Ness

Of the $2.7 million spent (another person’s calculation), PACs controlled or influenced (think labor unions other State Representatives) by House Speaker Mike Madigan provided most of it.

Now, she has the most important vote of the next session coming up on organization day.

Will she or will she not vote for Michael J. Madigan for House Speaker?

When asked, she was not ready to make a comment.

Capitol Fax looked into the matter and printed this:

Democratic Representative-Elect Suzanne Ness, D-Crystal Lake, may have breezed past GOP Rep. Allen Skillicorn by almost 2,300 votes last month, but her district leans Republican. A remap may not help her all that much (particularly if it’s a “Fair Map” and therefore not drawn with partisan intent) and 2022 will be the midterm election of a Democratic president. Ness ran as a reformer and raised over a million dollars from Madigan’s network. Skillicorn, for whatever weird reasons, barely campaigned and spent almost nothing.

Ness likely won’t get a pass in two years. That January vote on Madigan, therefore, looms large.

A recent House Republican poll showed that 76% of Ness’ district has an unfavorable view of Madigan, with 65% having a “very unfavorable” opinion.

Only 12% had a favorable view.

The poll, of 716 respondents, was conducted on Dec. 16 by Ogden & Fry.


Suzanne Ness Faces House Speakership Vote Quandary with Only 16% of Her District Thinking Favorably of Mike Madigan — 11 Comments

  1. More dough will be promised for her sorry butt, and she’ll be told everybody will forget about it with the passage of time.

    -talked to her for about 5 minutes once.

    Not much upstairs.

    A plethora of platitudes for peabrained voters.

  2. With the race for House Speaker now a 4-way race, if Ness sees other more senior Democrats who owe their initial election to Madigan back one of the three women, then Madigan’s support in the caucus will evaporate like Trump’s did in the Senate after the U.S. Capitol was stormed.

  3. The Mrs, maybe on the 1st ballot, but what about the next if no one reaches 60, or the next?

  4. Follow the money.

    She’ll need his money the next time around.

  5. She’ll probably be one and done.

    The President’s party usually suffers significant losses at the two year mark, and she barely beat Skillicorn who didn’t even bother to mount a campaign.

    Her only hope of reelection is a very favorable redistricting.

  6. Actually, she a papier-mâché sort of parade figure or something seen at a carnival or Mardi Gras event.

  7. That grinning face.

    It needs to be washed with yellow snow.

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