Aspirants to Replace Chuck Wheeler on the McHenry County Board – Kathleen Klehm Marinangel

McHenry’s Kathleen Klehm Marinangel is the fifth candidate to replace Chuck Wheeler on the McHenry County Board.

Sunday, Sarah Hagen’s resume was published.

Monday, Charles Hillstrom’s submission was shared.

Tuesday, what Johnburg’s Jeff Buff sent in went up.

Wednesday, Johnsburg’s Carl KIamienski information can be found.

Thursday, Pistakee Highland’s John Mercrito was featured.

Marinangel has an extensive banking background.


Aspirants to Replace Chuck Wheeler on the McHenry County Board – Kathleen Klehm Marinangel — 10 Comments

  1. Don’t confuse this Kathleen Klehm Marinangel with the Klemm (different spelling) family.

    Dick Klemm and Diane Klemm were very bad for McHenry county and were typical political hacks.

    Kathleen Marinangel is an exceptional person and great business leader.

    She should be supported.

  2. What has any of the applicants done for the party?

    Donations to any candidates, are they PC’s, donations to the party, a letter to the editor?

    You are asking for a free election and if you are coming from out behind the curtain you should have been involved by time or money.

    And if you get the position without those then you better be able to raise money and get others to follow you to get involved.

  3. She’s poison.

    A complete Althoff handmaiden.

    She badmouthed Trump every chance she got.

    Mitten Romney is her Idol.

    Trashed Jeanie Ives, Diane Evertsen, Bianchi.

    Something’s seriously wrong with her being fronted.

  4. I agree with CLM About the terribly damaging Klemms, but for the life of me, Marinangel?

    That’s like saying Rauner was a great Republican.

    For crying out loud, she makes Tina Hill look good!

  5. What’s do good about her?

    Just a lousy banker preying on ordinary people.

    She’s sucked enough blood out of the community to inhabit a nice mansion, which I see is pretty underrated from the public tax rolls.

    She must have friends, or husband does.

    Nice work, lady.

  6. She and her family drove that bank into the ground.

    Now she wants to be in charge of tax dollars?

  7. She is a Rauner type of Republican, do we need more like him?

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