IL 6/14: Casten and Underwood Call for Trump’s Impeachment

Not to be outdone by Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, Democrats representing McHenry County called for a second impeachment of President Donald Trump.

From Northwest Herald

As Rahm Emanuel used to say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”


IL 6/14: Casten and Underwood Call for Trump’s Impeachment — 10 Comments

  1. Bla, bla, bla, say the two DEMOCRAT degenerate blowhards knowing full well that Trump
    will not be “removed” anywhere but in their psychotic America hating wet dreams.

    But he will return to even the score with tens of millions of American patriots following,
    and there’s nothing Nancy and Chuck can do to stop him or us.

  2. Just what have these two losers accomplished for Illinois or McHenry County?

    They both vote the extreme left wing Democrat policies.

    Unlimited Abortions, open borders, and certainly over the next two years higher taxes, restrictions on free speech and trying to eliminate 2A rights.

    Does any of this reflect the opinions of the majority of McHenry County Voters?

  3. Good.

    Trump is a criminal and we need to enforce the rule of law.

  4. Paul Mac, Casten and Underwood have accomplished nothing for McHenry County.

    There is strong evidence that there were people from ‘BLACK LICES MATTER” at the capital. Just watch it play out as Underwood and Casten invalidate that fact.

    The Democrats have used the American people as pawns in the discussions for a Nationwide stimulus package.

    Everything is about what Casten, Underwood and others can gain politically as a result of those discussions.

    They don’t represent the American people, they use their platforms to promote themselves.

    The Democrats, specifically, via their incendiary tactics and continued lies have polarized the Nation.

    Casten and Underwood should resign!

  5. Impeachment is not removal, but is more akin to indictment.

    Conviction by the Senate upon an article of impeachment results in removal.

    Given the President’s remaining time in office, there clearly wouldn’t be time for a trial in the Senate.

    But another impeachment is certainly possible.

  6. I call for that vile pair to be deported to Pakistan.

    They won’t mess around or faun over them there, or perhaps deport them to Belarus.

    They know how to deal with their types.

  7. “Conservative” is anything but.

    Just another leftist tool trying to demoralize.

    I can’t wait to get him into an interrogation room when the new order cometh

  8. I call for Underwood to be sent to the Aleutian Isand of Kiska, for the rest of her natural life, which will be quite short bc she won’t be able to figure out how to obtain protein and carbohydrates in her new environment.

    Casten should be thrown out of a helicopter at 5,000 feet.

    As a communist subverter, he’s a bit of a traitor.

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