Patrick Kenneally and All Other State’s Attorneys But Cook County’s Oppose Law and Order Weakening Bill

From McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally:

Illinois State House Bill 163 Seriously Threatens Public Safety, Opposed By Law Enforcement and Nearly Every Elected State’s Attorney in Illinois

Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that the Illinois State’s Attorney’s Association (ILSAAP) has come out in strong opposition to House Bill 163.

Every elected state’s attorney in Illinois, with the notable exception of Kim Foxx, joined in calling for this last minute bill that a small group of legislators is seeking to ram through “lame duck” session to fail.

Said Patrick Kenneally,

As explained by ILSAAP, this bill is wrong, disastrous, and dangerous on so many levels.

Without hyperbole and if passed in its current form, this bill will all but mandate the immediate pretrial release of drug-dealers, sex offenders, and drunk drivers irrespective of their likelihood
of reoffending, the danger they pose generally to the public, or their willingness to comply with conditions of their release.

The timing of House Bill 163, coming on the heels of Chicago’s
murder rate nearly doubling in 2020 and violent crime having increased throughout the State, is bewildering.

It is no wonder that this bill’s legislative advocates are trying to push this sprawling and destructive bill through at the “11th hour” and with only three days to consider.

House Bill 163 could never withstand open consideration and is profoundly out of step with the expectations that victims and the average Illinoisan have for their justice system.

Criminal justice reform is something we should all work on together.

It is not something that should not be dictated to the entire State by a few narrowly interested politicians in Chicago.


Patrick Kenneally and All Other State’s Attorneys But Cook County’s Oppose Law and Order Weakening Bill — 2 Comments

  1. What Goes King Madigan have to say on the subject?

    Bill does in rules committee if feds drop investigation?

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