Storming Capitol Puts Vote Fraud Charges on Back Burner

From Woodstock’s Richard Rostron:

The Capital-breach tragedy has one, shall we say, pleasant side effect 

What happened in the Capital the other day was a tragedy.

A young woman was shot and died of her wounds.

I understand that several Trump supporters died from medical conditions exacerbated by the trauma of the event.

A police officer has died after a confrontation with ‘protestors.’

There’s nothing good about any of this but it still brings a smile to my face thinking of our ‘esteemed’ elected officials cowering under their desks. 

I can’t think of too many people in this country who would benefit more from having someone put a little of the fear of God in their lives.

Of course, these people are politicians and have quickly turned away from the lessons they should have learned and have sought opportunity in the moment. 

Friday Chicago Tribune headlines Trump removal efforts.

They and their lapdog media are salivating over the opportunity to bash Trump supporters.

They’re calling the event an “insurrection.”

They say that it was a “threat to democracy.”

Some may even have called it a threat to liberty (a bit of a joke coming from the party whose agenda many consider a direct threat to liberty).

But what is a stolen election other than an insurrection, a threat to our Republic and a threat to liberty? 

Of course, some will quickly point out that we don’t have proof it was a stolen election.

They’ll point to court cases that weren’t allowed to proceed as if that proves the opposite.

The refusal of the judiciary to take on these cases, however, only indicates a reluctance of the courts to get involved as well as a mix of judicial partisanship and cowardice. 

According to polls, taken after the November election, 77 percent of Trump voters believe the election was stolen – not maybe or sorta but flat-out stolen.

Another 17 percent of Biden voters agree.

Working up the actual number of Americans who believe the election was stolen is a little tricky since, if the election was stolen, the number of Trump voters is probably higher than we’ve been told, and the number of Biden voters is lower.

But let’s simply use the figures that the media is pushing in its rapture. 

Combined, that’s 71.5-million Americans who believe the election was stolen.

That doesn’t even begin to count the number of Americans who have doubts.

That means that one out of every 4.6 Americans believes the election was stolen.

It’s also just slightly less than one out of every two Americans who voted in the election. 

Even if the election wasn’t stolen, a government and a presidential administration that seek to ‘govern’ in the face of that level of electoral doubt is standing on thin ice.

Any reasonable administration would recognize the dire necessity of shoring up confidence in its position.

Strangely, or maybe not so strangely at all, the ‘incoming’ administration has shown no interest in erasing the least bit of doubt from the minds of voters. 

If the election was stolen, and I believe it was, that truly represents an insurrection.

It represents a coup where the power of the government is surreptitiously stolen.

In such a case, what is the correct response from “We the People?” 

Some are arguing for fighting the electoral insurrection through the system (never mind that, if the election was stolen, the thieves have operated within ‘the system’).

Others say that any and all efforts to rectify the situation are appropriate.  

But whatever the correct response, I still find it hard not to smile when I think of all the elected members of Congress having a come-to-Jesus moment.  

This warm sensation is especially true when I consider those who show no interests in a forensic audit of the election.

I like the idea that they’re worried.

And I certainly don’t mind that those who have accumulated mounds of mysterious wealth while in office might now have doubts about whether they can count on the masses to act in a docile and domesticated manner. 

When the government chooses not to worry about the doubts of 72-million Americans, that government has no right to be surprised by the actions of a few.

Consider that, if only one percent of that 72 million chooses to act ‘irrationally,’ we’re talking about 720,000 Americans.

There are only four countries in the world who have larger militaries.

Is it just sorta possible that Congress may still want to consider clearing up any doubts about the election?


Storming Capitol Puts Vote Fraud Charges on Back Burner — 37 Comments

  1. “There’s nothing good about any of this but it still brings a smile to my face thinking of our ‘esteemed’ elected officials cowering under their desks.” – GOP PC Richard Rostron. What a sick thought.

  2. The illegal entry of persons into the US Capitol building must be thoroughly investigated to find all who participated and then determine who they are, arrest and charge them and then prosecute with jail sentences.
    In addition, the person who killed a police officer by hitting him with a fire extinguisher and killing him must be arrested and prosecuted and receive either a jail sentence for life or the death penalty.

    There was another illegal entry into a Capitol Building, Madison Wisconsin, back in 2011. It was not treated as a very serious matter by law enforcement authorities in Wisconsin, nor the mostly left wing media, in that those who breached the Building then occupied it for one month. There should have been a massive application of police forces with the prompt arrest, removal and prosecution of these individuals. They should have been kicked out, forcibly removed within a day. But, it was not done.

    A protest-demonstration-riot started on Feb 15, 2011 at the Madison WI State Capital Building. Thousands of union people and teachers participated. On Feb 20th, the protesters-demonstrators began a one-month OCCUPATION of the State Capitol Building. Thousands of people occupied the building. On some days, there were up to 100,000 protesters outside the building.

    During the month, Republican Senators received death threats. A woman who sent threats was arrested and charged.

  3. “it still brings a smile to my face thinking of our ‘esteemed’ elected officials cowering under their desks”


    Their lives were actually endangered.

    A capital police officer lost his life defending those people.

    Multiple officers were injured.

    Good to know that imagine brings a smile to your face, Rich.

    No matter what else happens, you will forever have that moment in time where lawmakers lives where in actual legitimate danger and it still brings a smile to your face.

  4. Help me out, Cal, because I’ve yet to see a tangible set of evidence to base an informed opinion on concerning this so-called “stolen” election.

    What specifically suggests fraud of the magnitude required to change the outcome?

    I remain on the fence, and agree with your position that it should be audited.

    Still, facts are difficult to come by.

  5. It was a total false flag, Oh. Completely set up by Pelosi and clan. The photo ops of the guy sitting at her desk were of her nephew! Look how deep this swamp is!

  6. Stupid and seditious.

    Trump lost fair and square.

    He was never popular at any point of his presidency.

  7. The U.S. needs a complete redesign of its voting system. Elements needed:

    – Every U.S. citizen must re-register and prove they are a U.S. citizen by an in-person process

    – Only U.S. citizens are eligible to vote

    – No more motor voting registration nor registration on an election day

    – Bio metrics and photo ID for every voter with required updates every 10 years

    – Minimum voting age changed to 25

    – No minimum voting age for those U.S. citizens serving in the U.S. Military

    – Registered voters who die are removed from voter registrations within one month of death

    – Procedure to track change of voter residence address

    – All early voting, absentee ballots systems eliminated
    – Voters must vote in person and only on two consecutive designated days to assure all citizens, such as doctors, nurses, truck drivers, police persons, etc have an opportunity to vote

    – Poll watchers from main political parties observe every polling place

    – All ballots are paper and retained for a designated period of time

    – Universal counting and assimilation procedures used by all States and Counties

    – Computers and software for counting designed by and made in the U.S. with strict oversight by the U.S. National Bureau of Standards

    – Exit polls are illegal

  8. Part of the hate, vitriol, viciousness and craziness by the mostly left-wing media, Democrats and Hollywood goofballs regarding Trump’s presidency was the moronic women’s march after Trump’s inauguration. One of the haters, singer Madonna, said on a loudspeaker and on tv:

    “To our detractors that insist this march will never add up to anything, f*** you, f*** you. Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”
    Madonna’s f*** swear words were heard live on CNN.

  9. Cal will probably claim the people in that video are Antifa.

    bred will blame CNN and Madonna.


  10. I like that list of voting reforms.

    This should be a TOP priority before the next election.

    There simply shouldn’t be any room to question the results of an election.

    As someone who actually had the task of signature matching on election day, let’s just say that it doesn’t make me feel very secure, even if people have the best intentions.

  11. Oh don’t worry, voting will be a TOP priority for this new Congress.

    But our vision is different than yours.

    Those proposals by Bred?


    Not happening.

    Sorry Neal.

    Sorry Bred.

    We are not going to allow you whinny crybabies to enact your wish list of voter suppression laws.

    In fact, this new Congress will be going the opposite way.

    One of the very first bills, if not the first, that will be introduced in the house will be the John Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2021 which will expand access to ballots.

    To the victor goes the spoils.

    Elections matter.

  12. OK so you openly admit that you think there should be no controls on illegal voting and think our elections should be a joke.

  13. And don’t forget how much spoils you get really is up to Joe Manchin of all people.

    If the democrats can get him to go for getting rid of the filibuster then none of the super crazy will happen.

  14. In a stunning development no one saw coming, the FBI says no evidence of “Antifa” involvement in the Capitol mob on January 6th.

    But who needs facts when fantasy will suffice ?

    Sorta like election fraud.

    Oh, and it appears Pelosi’s nephew (who apparently is Richard Barnett of Arkansas) has been arrested.

  15. Yeah we need Manchin right now but this Lisa Murkowski quote is something.

    “I was a Republican who ran a write-in campaign and I was successful. But I will tell you, if the Republican Party has become nothing more than the party of Trump, I sincerely question whether this is the party for me.”

    Trump is breaking up the GOP.

    One of my friends who is a die hard Trump supporter talked smack to me and told me “Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.”

    He didn’t realize how right he was!

  16. I can care about as much about the republican party as the democratic party.

    That means that I don’t care.

    I’m independent and more libertarian than anything.

    I think both parties are garbage and what we need is real Americans coming together to solve our problems.

    We have more in common than our differences, it’s only the people at the top of politics that don’t want you to realize that.

    The real divisions in this country are not race but class.

    As far as Lisa goes, if anything she would seem to be more moderate.

    Don’t really know much about her, but that’s what the quote seems to indicate.

    If she did flip that doesn’t mean she would vote to eliminate the filibuster.

  17. The hanging, in time, of all the degenerates and crooks who sold us out, will bring smiles to the faces of the oppressed normal people.

    Reston’s stock, in my esteem, just skyrocketed 1000%

    Princess Lisa is scum.

  18. Ohon needs to tell us what specifically she does not like in the voting reforms shown in the 12:56 PM posting. What would she do differently?

  19. The only real debatable thing on that list is raising the voting age.

    Personally I think it is a good idea, but I think a fair argument can be made for the other side too.

    We do know that some questionable things happened regardless of whether it was enough to change anything.

    For example it seems a fair number of people who moved voted twice, once in each state.

    I don’t know if it changed the outcome, it’s not outright fraud on the part of the democratic party but it still shouldn’t be possible with the technology we have today.

    You will quickly get flagged if you try getting two CDL’s from different states, it shouldn’t be hard to do the same for voting.

    The only reason you would oppose that is because you want to have an insecure system.

  20. Some people are afraid that democracy enables all people to vote.

    They are afraid because they feel threatened that they are losing their power and their position in society.

    I welcome democracy.

    I welcome a diverse electorate.

    I am not afraid of the truth.

    I look forward to the day that McHenry County welcomes all people regardless of their diversity.

  21. I too welcome all legal citizens to participate and vote.

    I do however insist that you vote only once and you do so in the state you live in.

  22. Too many morons vote.

    Too many illegals vote.

    Too many dead vote.

    And they all vote democratic.

    Elections are not the way for people to resist inundation of illegals and crime.

    Firearms work every time!

  23. And that we have a way of enforcing that. Canada requires ID for voting or two other forms of ID, similar to when you get your driver’s license.

    Are the Canadians racist and trying to limit voting or are they trying to have a fair election?

  24. Multiple people claiming to be “Antifa” certainly have been taking credit.

    Who knows?

    Creepy child/hair-sniffer Joe said that they are only an idea.


    Not like that bad dude, Corn Pop, who he scared of with a pool chain.

    He’s real.

    But to say it was all Trump supporters that were inside would be a lie.

    In fact, John Sullivan was on CNN and was in there when Ashli Babbit was shot.

    For those that don’t know he’s definitely not a Trump supporter.

    You could call him a member of BLM/Antifa, but he’s got his own group called “Insurgence USA”.

    Sounds peaceful.

    Amazing how he was just let right in like that, and he was in just the right place to catch the gun shot.

    No charges for the events this week.

    Who does he really work for?

    People are too dumb to see through the lies.

    I wonder if all of the other “domestic terrorists” will be let off the hook w/ no charges?

  25. There is also plenty of footage of officers just waving people in, saying that they have been told to let them in, etc.

    Mayor Bowser denied all attempts to have the National Guard there, yet the police chief is getting the blame.

    At least one of her letters denying the National Guard is online.

    More footage is coming out and people want to know the truth.

    Don’t expect the media to tell you something that’s honest.

    They are too busy spinning lies about 80 year old grandmas making a terrorist attack on our beloved politicians.

    Everything from the politicians is all talk now and you can guarantee that they will use this staged event to take away your rights.

    Red or blue.

    They are virtually all establishment liars and crooks in there.

    And it’s not Trump they are worried about in the end.

    They are worried about the people who have been misled on both sides that might come back later.

    “Antifa is an idea, not an organization”.

    So is “MAGA”.

    Where do you think that this is going?

    Both believe that their government is corrupt.

    Neither end with the election, whether it’s real or fake.

    By the way: The world can’t wait to see what was on those laptops.

  26. My question is where was all the outrage when BLM rioters breached the white house grounds over the summer?

    Isn’t that just as bad?

  27. eminclake, there is enough evidence that, though you choose to ignore it, nearly half the voters believe the election was stolen.

    You and your ilk can choose to ignore these sentiments, but I wonder if that’s really wise.

  28. conservative You know, 74-plus-million voters considered the election stolen.

    But now that you say he lost ‘Fair and Square,” all is well.

    That’s all I needed to be convinced.


    Sounds more like a Swamp creature.

  29. “Oh don’t worry, voting will be a TOP priority for this new Congress.”

    “To the victors go the spoils.”

    I think you mean “… to the cheaters and thieves”

    Yep, first thing I hear about the new Congress is that they want to push through statehood for DC and Puerto Rico – i.e., permanent Democrat control of the Legislature.

    Then they’re going to go for packing the court.

    Permanent control of the Judicial branch.

    With the prior two, and their control of the media and Big-Tech social network companies, permanent control of the presidency, as well as all the censorship you can handle (just be careful to stay on the good side of the censors).

    We effectively have a single-party system now. But that’s not that rare.

    They have that in other countries now and in the past.

    You know, like the CCP in China, the CCCP in the old Soviet Union and whatever the hell party runs things there now.

    Then there’s Venezuela.

    Some countries have a pretense of a second party, like Iran and, from now on, like the U.S.

    I guess you’ve gotten your wish.

    Hope the old saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it,” doesn’t prove true for you.

    Well, nothing to worry about as long as you stay on the right (Left) side of the CCP-DNC.

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