Commenter Reflects on Storming of the Capitol and Voting as a “Pressure Valve”

From McHenry County Blog commenter “Priest:”

Once again….

Do not miss the forest for the trees.

Trump and Sanders are historical bellwethers.


Constructs of disparate ideas of solution with common ideals of People over corrupt public officials/institutions.

To care about who foments the violence misses the point of WHY the violence is presenting.

When any person loses Hope they lash out.

Anyone knows the wisdom of not fighting a cornered animal as they will fight twice as hard as one with an escape route and they will fight to the death.

The People clearly feel cornered by what both sides describe (for very different reasons) as corrupt political leadership/institutions.

The most foundational institution in a Republic is the Vote. [Emphasis added.]

At this point few people have faith in the integrity of the vote(once again for different reasons).

This may be the last straw in our broken Republic.

A few Senators and Representatives gave voice to the idea work should be done by Congress to restore faith in this foundational act.

The rest selfishly went after specific present instances of faithless acts or just spewed cult of personality hate(missing the historic opportunity entirely).

Without the pressure valve of the populace feeling enfranchised by the Vote and the actual true fights by leadership in all governmental units to serve their public function rather than abusing it(ala DCFS, public employee pay/health benefit/pension, legislative leaders corruptly abusing their law making ability to squeeze “campaign contributions “ out of private entities to enrich themselves….) we are headed for the dustbin of history as an ideal and nation.

Once again, we don’t fear the cleansing violence can bring we just feel it is the very basest of backwards reactions to the evil our government and it’s functionaries are visiting upon us.

To arrogantly believe you’re belief system or values or form of government will rise from the idiocy of anarchy is laughable.

Grow up.

Get involved.

Hold your government and it’s sycophants accountable.

Stop thinking your neighbor is somehow your enemy.

Non functional corrupt politicians…

All of them…

Are your enemy.

Move them out of any position of power so they cannot enrich themselves on your misery and the “divide and conquer” strategy ever again.


Commenter Reflects on Storming of the Capitol and Voting as a “Pressure Valve” — 12 Comments

  1. “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

    George Orwell, 1984

  2. Trusting the voting process is free, fair and secure is only one pressure valve.

    It is one small piece of how an individual in a Free Society begins to feel as though their voice matters.

    Trump got elected because a bunch of elitist thieves kept ignoring the voices of The People.

    Now comes the 2020 election for President and some portion way over 50% of our society doesn’t trust the results.

    Then major communication platforms cut off a very non violent(can’t reach through a computer and throttle someone) way to vent the individual’s spleen.

    The advantage of mixed platforms is alternate views can argue or spew back rather than further balkanizing into echo chambers amping up the crazy with zero alternate views.

    We are in a great deal of trouble as a society.

    People have such sensitive little egos arguing anything off axis from perfect agreement with folks sends them into a death spiral of idiotic mouthiness which lends itself more to a punch to the face than finding common ground.

    We’re losing the ability to talk to one another.

    Compromise wouldn’t exist as a word in any language if the natural state of humanity was to simply agree 100% with whatever one person says.

    We need the voices of The People heard.

    We need to have a rowdy conversation and be okay with it.

    A few punches SHOULD be thrown as well as some tears shed and hugs given.

    But none of this is possible if a vast majority of The People feel unheard or worse, unworthy of being heard.

    Start by removing every person, every single one, from their government position.

    Yes, the Police, Fire and Roads Departments too.

    Not willy nilly but with a care and thought for the people paying for the services.

    And get offline to go to a pub and argue in person.

    Your voice is valued.

    Your voice is necessary.

    Remove the people and things trying to silence you and reshape the Republic in each of your image.

    That’s the magic of our birthright as Americans.

    Use it.

  3. Priest needs to wake up and smell what’s coming down the pike.

    it’s not a pretty Rockwell picture.

    Patty cakes days are over.

    We are beyond ‘talking it out.’

    Our enemies mean to eliminate us in the Great Replacement Reset!

    I agree with priest about eliminating most of the cheap whore government hacks.

    But they are mere figureheads and frontmen.

    Eliminate the banksters, Silicon Valley creeps like Zuckerberg, Hollyweirdos, the Deep State traitors like Comey and Clapper and Brennan, the professoriate, the Pizzagate people who silenced Epstein and all the behind the scenes wire pullers.

    Get to the source of the poison.

    People like Fauci just do as they are told.

    Eliminate the people who direct Fauci.

  4. I’ve always valued Priests input and insight. But, sadly, I believe Creosote King’s words could not be accurate.

    Patty Cake days are not only over, but I would add that we have devolved to where we are today only because entirely too many of the “good guys” wrongfully believed that the gentile, polite, soft-spoken patty-cake method was somehow virtuous.

    I could never really decide if it was naivete or cowardice,,, perhaps it was a degree of both… But, if there is to be any righting of this ship (which I do not expect there will be) it will not be accomplished by through gentility, eloquently spoken dialogue, or civil discourse.

    I do not advocate violence.

    That said, any who do not believe or simply deny it is a requisite tool that will, and must, eventually be utilized if we are to maintain our Republic and some semblance of the tree of liberty, is either a fool or just a coward.

    And, YES, until we are able to eliminate the Central Banksters who are, and who since at least 1913 have been, the driving force behind all of our woes, any and all efforts made are ultimately for naught.

  5. “FBI File Dump: Nancy Pelosi’s Brother Charged with Raping Underage Girls”

    This is publicly available information that was swept under the rug. Link to the FBI document is there. Page 46 is especially disappointing since they clearly tried to hide it to keep from ruining Pelosi’s dad’s political career.

    What will they find next? What will be leaked to the public? What is big tech trying to hide?

  6. Well, I assume some things which might qualify as “pressure valves” (?) are legal and some aren’t.

  7. “And, YES, until we are able to eliminate the Central Banksters who are, and who since at least 1913 have been, the driving force behind all of our woes, any and all efforts made are ultimately for naught.”

    This is exactly right. As long as we don’t even control our own money, we have no way to control the country. This is who funds the uniparty and is manipulating our country towards CW2. We are what is in the way of the great reset and they would like nothing less than for us to destroy our own country for them.

  8. The Republican Party is irrelevant because it thought gentility and process could beat the Democrats winner take all violence against decency.

    Trump fights.

    He may be the last peaceful fighter the Democrats see.

    Rather than engaging in productive discussions about how to bring our broken nation together the idiotic poo flinging monkeys in the Democrat Party came out with the same playbook they’ve used for generations screaming racist, misogynist, xenophobe while adding Russian puppet(a moronic accusation on its face).

    Then, in their fevered scramble to retain their gravy train, the entire Establishment moved to impeach the man who was choking off their thieving.

    Our proposition isn’t for the faint of heart “patty cake” crowd.

    Never has been.

    We’ve fought these odd little liberals in the streets and the Establishment in their offices and in court.

    We haven’t seen many of you step up in those venues.

    Now we’re hearing an exceptionally large part of our society agitating for general violence.

    First of all…. Yeah right.

    If you can’t get in the streets during the riots with a gun to defend your community against direct violence you’re going to cower in your bathtubs when bullets are flying in your neighborhoods.

    We’re still going to be alone with a half dozen hard hitters we’ve always been able to count on.

    Second of all…. Focus.

    Your neighbor just wants to provide for their families and lead a peaceful life.

    It is the Politician, the Bureaucrat and all their sycophants who have, and continue to, violently bleed you(see every single comment ever made by Susan).

    Who created the laws under which your favorite boogie man(banksters or whomever) may freely operate against The People’s interests?

    If people feel violence is their only hope we urge them to keep this horror from the neighborhood streets and focus on a very small percentage of our society gone off the rails.

    If Madigan, and all the wealth he controls, could be returned to The People from whom he stole it that wealth would begin to pay down Illinois’ crushing debt which Madigan put us into.


    Not generalized violence.

    Don’t get it twisted.

    We believe in the power of The People and focused violence as deeply as we believe in a direct confrontation of stupidity in their lairs of iniquity.

    We absolutely agree the Capitol Building is Holy Ground paid for with the blood of Patriots and stood on by both servant and tyrant in service to Freedom.

    We just happen to think an angry populace defiled my Holy Ground far less than the human detritus which stalks her halls on a daily basis.

    Degrees of evil.

    Not a great thing to defend or discuss.

    But, it seems, all Americans are in this discussion right now.

    We just ask for focus.

  9. Something was very, very wrong with the grossly inadequate amount of police in and near the DC Capitol Building on Jan 6, 2021. Was it merely incompetence by those in charge, those in command? Or something else. An intentional understaffing?

    They surely knew well in advance that there would be thousands of people in DC for a Trump speech outdoors. Those in command are responsible to “anticipate” the worst, think of “what if” situations and then have adequate forces in place. Jan 6, 2021 was but just one of many dozens of times over the decades that thousands came to the Capital to protest. In previous times, adequate police “controlled” the situation.

    Following is an example and excerpt from wherein hundreds were arrested at the Capital and at the Supreme Court Building in 2018.

    “More than 300 protesters, including the comedian Amy Schumer, have been arrested at the US Capitol in Washington as they made a final, desperate appeal to senators to reject the embattled supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

    Demonstrators chanted, unfurled banners and staged a sit-in at a Senate office building, one day before the body was poised to take its first vote on the judge’s nomination to America’s highest bench.

    The scenes in Washington on Thursday were unprecedented for any supreme court nominee in recent history. Thousands of protesters, including survivors of sexual assault, gathered outside the courthouse in the US capital where Kavanaugh sits as a federal judge and walked in unison to the supreme court, where he hopes to secure a lifetime appointment.”

  10. Priest… Powerful, thought-provoking words… I have not yet concluded whether they leave me feeling inspired or despondent…

    I still wonder who you are… and I still have my suspicions…

    If you are ever so inclined, I hope you’ll reach out sometime.

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