Pritzker Mandates His Purgatory into June

From The Center Square:

Pritzker files new emergency rule to continue mask, social distancing mandates in Illinois

(The Center Square) – Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s administration refiled an emergency COVID-19 rule similar to one that expired Monday to continue statewide mask and social distancing requirements for Illinoisans for another 150 days.

A rule filed last year before the legislature met in May was repealed by the governor after critics said it criminalized business owners.

In August, the governor filed a different emergency rule the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules allowed to stand.

JCAR member state Rep. Tom Demmer, R-Dixon, said that rule expired Monday. 

“I believe that’s correct, and my understanding is that an extension to that emergency rule or a new emergency rule will be filed in a similar vein,” Demmer said Tuesday.

The Illinois Department of Public Health on Tuesday said a similar emergency rule was filed Monday.

JB Pritzker with modified image.

“Any individual who is over age two and able to medically tolerate a face covering (a mask or cloth face covering) shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a face covering when in a public place and unable to maintain at least a six-foot social distance,” the rule states.

“This requirement applies whether in an indoor space, such as a store, or in an outdoor space.”

Back in August, the Illinois Retail Merchants Association opposed a mask mandate rule because it meant the enforcers were store clerks, and that could put them in harm’s way. IRMA CEO Rob Karr applauded local governments that have since approved civil fines for individuals violating the mask rule, but there’s a patchwork across the state.

Karr said the statewide rule filed Monday by the Pritzker administration was an improvement over the expired rule.

“This puts in place that you can hand them something in writing,” Karr said.

“So, you could give them a notice that IRMA had produced that said ‘you know you should be wearing a face mask, we may ask you to leave,’ and that helps the retailer avoid, try to avoid, some of those confrontations.”

The new rule reads:

“For retail businesses, reasonable efforts to comply with regard to customers shall be determined based on the totality of the circumstances and include, but are not limited to:

– posting signage requiring face coverings to be worn on the premises;

– providing face coverings to customers;

– giving verbal or written warnings to customers who are not wearing a face covering to inform them of the requirement to wear a face covering when on the premises;

-requesting verbally or in writing that customers leave the premises if not wearing a face covering; and

-making available reasonable accommodations for individuals who are not able to medically tolerate a face covering.”

The updated emergency rule also prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people. Public and nonpublic schools are to have fewer than 50 people in any one space.

Enforcement of the rule will be up to “all local boards of health, health authorities and officers, police officers, sheriffs, and all other officers and employees of the State and any locality,” it says.

If a business refuses to comply with a written warning and a subsequent written order to disperse, “that business, service, facility or organization open to the public shall be subject to the penalties set forth in Section 8.1 of the Act.”

That could lead to a Class A misdemeanor with penalties up to $2,500 fine or up to a year in jail.

But the rule says no individual will face such penalties.

“No individual shall be held responsible for compliance with this rule on behalf of a business, service, facility or organization even if the individual is an owner, officer, principal or employee of that business, service, facility or organization,” the rule says.

If the rule is approved by JCAR when it meets on Jan. 12, it would remain in effect through June 3, or until JCAR blocks the rule or the governor repeals it.

Springfield-area business owner Ryan Bandy was frustrated with more emergency rules and said local officials need to have more involvement in such decisions. 

“We can’t just have this unilateral decision making done by the governor all the time, this needs to stop,” Bandy told WMAY. “We need to get at least the legislature involved in it.”

No legislative committee outside of JCAR has debated the issue of the mask and social distancing mandates. JCAR is composed of 12 members of the state legislature, six from the House and six from the Senate. There are 174 members of the state legislature.


Pritzker Mandates His Purgatory into June — 21 Comments

  1. That is not JB Pritzker with a modified image, that is what he see’s when he looks in the mirror.

  2. Sounds like Gov Fatty has seized control of the government, the people and the state.

  3. With all the increased cases and deaths it seems to be working perfectly!

  4. Lord Jumbo Boy, King of Burgers, Gluttony and White Privilege chasing
    more people and businesses out of Hellinois with each passing day.

    Does greed contribute to obesity or is it simply stupidity ?

  5. Covid is JB’s Racketeering Virus, another 150 days, more sales of masks and testing kits!

    Folks you are under Martial Law, Pritzker Style.

  6. Are Dem voters enjoying this?

    Will they continue to vote for it through the likes of Tryants like JB?

    Just curios if Dem voters are digging all this and want it to continue.

    Lost businesses, no school, no social life whatsoever, no sports, no parties, nothing nada zilch.

    And you’ll keep voting this way?

    Its Unity time right, arent we all unified we dont like this stuff?

    Tell me Dem voters dont like it either, enough to quit voting for the likes of JB, the mini (well no small) dictator.

  7. Is there a way we can extend the quartantine for arican americans and jews only? I voted reublican for that

  8. Daily average of new COVID cases are trending downward in Illinois and Wisconsin so Pritzker should be easing up a little pretty soon.

    The COVID numbers peaked in November at around 10,300 cases per day and declined to 7,500 per day in December.

    Year to date in January the average is 7,000 per day.

    Cook Country and its collar counties including McHenry have experienced similar declines.

    In my zip code, 60142, the positivity rate has fallen from 11% on Jan 2nd to 9.4% as of today.

    As long as we don’t follow the national trend, we should be better soon.

  9. Bob Wire, it doesn’t really matter what democrat voters think about Fatty.

    Elections are rigged and only have one outcome.

    Awaken Bob.

  10. Dumb people don’t seem to get it.

    This is always what he had in mind and it’s not about saving people but is about crushing the peasants.

    He’ll just keep extending until he is stopped.

    Any businesses owners that comply deserve to pushed into poverty.

    Take your business elsewhere.

  11. I’m going to go way out on a limb here, and predict that Governor Fatso will be spotted living it up somewhere on Lake Geneva long before June.

  12. What’s more depressing is seeing these corrupt, conniving, Israel-first whores and election fraudsters complaining that a “temple of democracy has been desecrated”. This after stealing an election. Unless they mean a temple of worship to Satan.

    I gained more respect of Trump at the end. He did fight basically all alone, against all, betrayed even by the useless GOP by all “allies”.

    However, in the end he is not a good leader, or not the leader white working-class people need and are waiting for. A leader with be with them at the insurrection, and go all the way. The way it happened, it felt more lie a trap, or a bad miscalculation, if not something partly staged.

    What will happen now? God only knows. Fox News is now saying:

    Biden: Trump ‘not above the law. Justice serves the people — it doesn’t protect the powerful’

    The hypocrisy and evilness of these people is astonishing. Biden, a tool of the oligarchs, China and Big Tech elected in an orgy of fraud, involved in several cases of corruption and sleaze, now says that “justice doesn’t protect the powerful”.

  13. It sounds like you all have done a lot of thinking on the complexity and gravity of the COVID nightmare.

    So you must have ideas on an alternative to masks, testing, and social distancing?

    If the governor’s rules are so offensive, what is the better way of preventing transmission of COVID and the resulting deaths?

    ***bonus points if you are able to answer without reference to the governor’s weight***

  14. Take a look at Florida, which has a lower death rate than Illinois.

  15. “So you must have ideas on an alternative to masks, testing, and social distancing?”


    Open back up and stop believing liars.

    Clearly there is no convincing you that you.

    You’re already part of the cult and won’t even bother accepting the only logical solution since you’re motivated by fear.

  16. I must confess.

    I’m glad that Cal brought back my favorite photo of Lord Fatso.

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