Suzanne Ness Does Not Fall into the Mike Madigan Line

According to a tweet from TV reporter Mark Maxwell, State Representative-Elect Suzanne Ness was one of those Democrats eligible to vote for the next Illinois House Speaker who has so far refused to declare herself on Mike Madigan’s side.


Suzanne Ness Does Not Fall into the Mike Madigan Line — 10 Comments

  1. I’m confused.

    Y’all told me she was voting for Madigan.

  2. Susan Ness thinks she’s a big deal.

    Wasn’t her maiden name Stinkho?

  3. Didn’t she take his money for her campaign?

    Please let us know if you know she voted for him.

  4. When the parties involved have their hands appropriately greased
    they will then vote for the Evil Leprechaun.

  5. A representative who votes her conscience, not the party line?

    Must be a Dem.

  6. Ness is in Madigan’s pocket, ready to bring in other lost lambs to the Madigan 60.

    A similar ploy is used by bank robbers who salt a couple of their gang among the bank clientele — just in case something goes wrong — and if it does, they spring into action.


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