Jack Franks Running for Trustee of General Assembly Retirement System

Retired legislators are Trustees of the General Assembly Retirement System.

The ones who run it are retired State Representatives and Senators.

The Trustees are elected by retired legislators receiving pensions.

Here are those running for Trustee:

Jack Franks, Ricca Slone, John Cullerton, Bill Marovitz, Coy Pugh, Bob Terzich, Tom Ryder & Bob Winchester.

All are Democrats but Ryder and Winchester.

Here is the pitch that Jack Franks is making for election to GARS governing board:

Jack Franks was born and raised in Marengo, Illinois and still lives on the family farm.

He has degrees from the London School of Economics, the University of Wisconsin-Madison with honors and the American University Washington College of Law with honors.

Jack served in the Illinois General Assembly from January, 1999 to January, 2017 and chaired the State Government Administration Committee for many years while simultaneously chairing various business committees.

Jack retired from the General Assembly and became the first popularly elected Chair of the McHenry County Board where he served from December, 2016 to December, 2020.

He revamped the County’s budget policies and successfully reduced property taxes by over $28 million, rebated $9 million directly to homeowners and reduced the size of the County Board by 25%.

Jack Franks is a partner in the law firm of Franks, Gerkin, Ponitz & Greeley and has served for over a decade as the Chairman of The State Bank Group (State Bank), which consists of eight community banks throughout McHenry County.

In his role as Chairman of State Bank, Jack is actively involved in the audits and investments of the institution.

He has also served on the Board of Advisors of the largest privately owned bank in the United States.

Jack has an extensive business background and in his private law practice, advises financial institutions on complex commercial litigation matters.


Jack Franks Running for Trustee of General Assembly Retirement System — 14 Comments

  1. Why not?

    Another public fund to skim off of.

    Franks is a disgrace and a public danger given his erratic behavior of a sexual sort.

    Why was he banned from the state capitol’s precincts without police escorts?

  2. Perhaps the position of dog catcher would be more suitable
    as well as more appropriate for the likes of Mr. Franks.

  3. C’mon Jack.

    You know how farms work.

    Isn’t it about time you were weaned?

    Or is that the only office where you’re allowed in?

  4. Is there something that Franks, Cullerton and Pugh have in common?

    Their current political status, investigation is unavailable and past history may be interesting.

  5. OMG when does it End with these mushrooms.. who don’t understand the word NO Get OuT!… the gravy train is over…

  6. London School of Economics?

    Does he know Mick Jagger?

    Smart guy, did dumb things.

  7. is this a Franks Promo piece?

    …..just asking for a friend

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