Biden Inaugural Theme: “America United” – Before the Inaugural, Not So Much

From the Chicago Tribune:

Tomorrow: impeachment.


Biden Inaugural Theme: “America United” – Before the Inaugural, Not So Much — 32 Comments

  1. Biden calls for “United America”, but under DEMOCRAT dictates of course.

    DEMOCRATS have proven time and time again to be craven LIARS who cannot and
    should not be trusted and Sleepy Joe the basement dweller, corruptocrat and plagiarizer is among
    the worst of the worst.

    Would you trust this hair sniffing touchy feely old pervert around your daughter or granddaughter ?

  2. Biden will do nothing but lead to a path of destruction.

    His inauguration will be one of the saddest days in American History.

  3. The President incited a riot and mob attack.

    Can’t just let that slide Cal.

    I think a lot of Republicans are starting to see the light.

    I have zero confidence in Republicans doing the right thing.

    But many of the quotes coming out from Republicans are…….. interesting.

    A few weeks ago, John Lopez came up with some stupid analogy comparing members of Congress to characters in the Wizard of Oz.

    If Lopez really wanted to make an accurate analogy, he should have called Trump the wicked witch.

    After the which died, her evil monkey army was released from her spell.

    I think the GOP will finally be freed from the Trump spell.

    It’s really incredible how Trump brainwashed people into thinking the VP can unilaterally toss out votes.

    Like… really really incredible that people actually wanted that and pushed that BS on here and other places.

    Truly mind blowing how dumb people became under his spell.

    But that’s what makes great conmen, great conmen. They con people without realizing they were conned.

  4. “The President incited a riot and mob attack.”

    Your nose must be getting HUGE, PinocchiOH.

    How do you live with being a chronic liar?

  5. United meaning only those who think the same, act the same, spout the same talking points.

    Herd mentality in the extreme.

  6. Good.

    Biden should unite our people under the rule of law.

    Trump attempted to unite the country under the force of his bizarre personality and constant lying, and he failed.

  7. That has to be a joke right?

    Biden isn’t going to unite anyone except those who oppose him and the establishment.

  8. Did any of you actually LISTEN to his Washington speech he gave prior to the certification vote?

    The “transcripts” found online are very selective in their editing and what they publish as a summary.

    Most of the transcripts located, through a google search, a far left leaning groups and you get what is expected – a very stilted speech summar

    Have attached the actual video.

    Trump starts at about the 3:35 mark and goes on over an hour.

    I am aware some of you would rather put your head in an alligators mouth before listening to a Trump speech; but with all the accusations and yet another potential impeachment you owe it to yourselves to know now that charges of inciting a riot are false.

  9. True only an ignorant fool would be OK with accusing the sitting president of insurrection without actually hearing the full speech.

    Some however prefer to drink the kool-aid and stay uninformed.

  10. Oh brother!

    When did the Democrats do the right thing over the past 4 years???

    They went on a witch hunt with Russian Collusion for 3 years!

    Impeached someone because they didn’t like the phone call!

    Covered up Hunter Biden!

    Let cities burn and continue to be mob ruled!

    Oh remember Chaz!

    They are in the woke movement that if you are white you are bad so lets make every old white person feel bad for their skin color!

    The Democrats have conned all of America with Utopia and to let others pay for everything.

    They silence FREE SPEECH because they don’t like it!

    Give them a safe zone is one of the largest crocks!

    And it is funny listening to MSBSNBC, CNNotanewsoutlet, and MSidiotM say you can take down Parler because its a business and private but when you don’t bake a cake for someone, business is not allowed to make that choice!

    They hypocrisy runs long in the Democrap party doesn’t it.

  11. Unity–what a scary concept.

    One way, one thought, one voice, one, one, one…same, same, same.

    I thought the Dems were all about Diversity, Valuing Differences, hearing all voices speak.

    This whole thing is a sham to gain absolute rule and control of the people, the money, the Country.

    Be very Afraid of any who cite being Dem in your presence, they are of the same ilk if they want this kind of Unity.

    If not, then describe what “Unity” means for them.

  12. Probably not going to get much unity until Republicans show regret or contrition for feeding and pushing and spreading the election lies.

    I don’t expect those people to own up to it but GOP getting destroyed over this mess so that’s their problem.

    Too bad.

    The roosters are coming home to roost.

    GOP can show regret and move forward.

    Or not.

    They can blame Biden.

    Very predictable.

    I don’t see how blaming Biden or Dems gets us closer to unity but GOP doesn’t want that anyway.

    Trump incited a riot and he needs to be held accountable.

    GOP can get on board or CONTINUE to lose elections and CONTINUE to get left behind.

    It’s up to them.

  13. To believe people who voted for and supported Trump followed his lead is to miss the point of the Trump presidency entirely.

    Conservatives have longed for a politician who will stand up for conservative values and then fight for them.

    Trump… is… irrelevant… As a simple cult of personality.

    Trump is the very embodiment of decades of conservative frustration with the milquetoast weak stick nothing empty suits who mouth conservatism while rolling over for any special interest with a dollar.

    Servant Leader is the watchword.

    Trump has lost personal and professional relationships, personal and business money and sacrificed his name on the altar of the Republic to try to wrest control from those politicians and government employees raping The People.

    Trump has been the closest representation of Servant Leader with a backbone The People on the conservative side have seen since the 80’s.

    The human person with the name Trump doesn’t matter to nor does he fully represent most voters who supported his candidacy… twice.

    He’s just the closest representative of American interests over selling America and her People out at every turn those voters have seen in decades.

    To think Trump supporters will “snap out of Trumps spell” absolutely is missing the truth of who a Trump supporter is.

    Liberals, by absolute purposeful design of a government desiring blind followers, are ignorant, uneducated, racist, mysoginistic xenophobes with zero understanding of what a free society of Citizens means.

    This is not their fault.

    They’ve been raised, trained and paid to be blind adoring followers of anyone who will coddle them birth to earth.

    The problem is these ignorant slaves are now around 50% of our society and they’re complicit in handing a few people near to unlimited power over their lives.

    The 50% who don’t think of those in government as a “Political Class” somehow separate, apart, higher class and deserving of fabulous wealth and benefits no one else in our society can afford inconveniently still exist.

    With or without Trump.

    The further problem is all forms of free conversation, debate or compromise are being systematically shut down to the detriment of open exchange of ideas in the public square.

    To take 50% of any group and try to marginalize them entirely, especially in a free society, is deadly.

    This is where we are today.

    Trump has nothing to do with it.

    Rampant narcissism, miseducation, liberalism, egotism…. selfishness, has destroyed most peaceful avenues of recovery for our Republic.

    We fear there isn’t a single government employee left who understands they live on the largess of what the rest of society produces and serves that society in a role it needs.

    They aren’t “in charge” or “more than” their neighbor in any way.

    Since this lack of servant hood exists training is necessary by the Producers.

    This training, we fear, won’t be gentle.

    And it will have nothing whatsoever to do with Trump.

    It’ll be a really fun two years starting at noon on the 20th.

  14. Keep lying to yourself

    Oh, perhaps someday you will convince us believe
    in your delusions . . .


  15. democRATS spent the last four years harassing Trump so they can all go fly a kite.

    Unity will not happen.

    What goes around comes around.

  16. Democratic leaders were also responsible for GREYLORD!

    Democrats in Illinois hold the primary responsibility for creating Illinois land of corruption!

    Now the Democrats are in charge of the White House.

    It is a very sad time for our Country.

  17. PinocchiOH said: “Probably not going to get much unity until Republicans show regret or contrition for feeding and pushing and spreading the election lies.

    I don’t expect those people to own up to it but GOP getting destroyed over this mess so that’s their problem.”

    You’ll have the grovelling establishment Rinos, sure.

    The entire MAGA base doesn’t even care about the Republican party at this point.

    Also, they still insist that the election was a fraud.

    Those that stood by this will be recognized later as defenders of the nation who didn’t cower in fear of the establishment.

    MAGA isn’t dead.

    GOP is.

    Priest said: “To think Trump supporters will “snap out of Trumps spell” absolutely is missing the truth of who a Trump supporter is.”

    Seems to be accurate.

    Only grifters and turncoats seem to be stepping in line.

    They are done.

    The establishment and media have created this divide.

    Not Trump.

    People are getting pissed.

  18. Hmmmm

    Nancy Pelosi is still summoning AlabamaShake to her hair salon.

    The witch is out of control!

  19. The commenter formally known as “Some Guy” said:

    “MAGA isn’t dead. GOP is.” – I AGREE!

    “Priest said: “To think Trump supporters will “snap out of Trumps spell” absolutely is missing the truth of who a Trump supporter is.” Seems to be accurate.” –

    I AGREE!

    That being said, I think there is a difference between a “Trump supporter” and people who voted for Trump and supported him over the Radical Socialist Evil Dem because the Radical Socialist Evil Dem is always going to be worse than any Republican.

    My point is this – GOP and MAGA were always a fragile alliance.

    Most people predicted Hillary would win and the GOP would have a “civil war” (very hesitant to use those words now but whatever).

    But Trump beat Hillary.

    There was no GOP civil war.

    Then Trump got rid of anyone in the GOP who dared speak ill of him.

    Trump BECAME the GOP.

    Forgot a civil war.

    Trump won.

    NOW things are different and now there will be a GOP civil war.

    Evangelicals will have to pick sides.

    Will “MAGA” become more extreme with Trump out of office?

    Trump is not going anywhere.

    It’s stupid to suggest his voice will be silenced.

    People like Lopez will have to pick sides because Trump is coming for R’s in Congress and R’s in governor mansions.

    All Trump cares about is himself.

    Trump does not care about Republicans.

    People like Lopez do.

    People like Lopez will have to choose between the GOP and MAGA.

    Trump went after Pence.

    What do you have to say about that, Lopez????

    All of this is very very good for the Dems.

    This is the only hope for Dems to keep the House in 2022 with all the soon to be newly drawn Gerrymandered Congressional districts.

    The GOP Civil War of 2016 was not averted.

    It was just delayed until now.

    Can’t wait to watch who GOP party kiss a** like John Lopez pick.

    Can’t wait to see what happens who the Republicans in Congress pick….

    the Republican Party or MAGA?

  20. Oh actually making sense.

    But let’s be clear that there really isn’t even a GOP or even a DNC anymore.

    It’s just a uniparty with some in-fighting that loves the political theater.

    The noobs like AOC don’t get it.

    They don’t see it for what it really is.

    Make no mistake that the Democrats are also as fragmented; Maybe just as much.

    They still seem to have some glue because Pelosi keeps them in check and coddles them every once in a while.

    But there is coup within the DNC as well, and when they aren’t deemed to be useful anymore then you’re going to see it as clearly as you see the MAGA and GOP situation.

    The media won’t sweep it under the rug anymore when the threat of power is exposed.

    60 Minutes called Pelosi out on her age and giving younger Dems a bigger presence (like AOC) and she nearly lost her !@*&.

  21. DNC seems to be more organized at the moment because they have a common goal (along with the Rinos and never-Trumpers) of expelling the biggest threat to the Uniparty establishment.

    Recognize that the anarchists / BLM / Antifa also will be considered disposable to the Uniparty as well.

    Just like MAGA.

    It’s all a big mess.

    They want you to be loyal to the Uniparty; GOP or DNC, doesn’t really matter.

  22. Ohon states:

    “The President incited a riot and mob attack.”

    Oh on needs specify “exactly” in the transcript of Trump’s Jan 6th speech were he “incited”.

  23. What a joke. Biden theme, “America United”. Joe Biden. The sidekick to the worst ever president of the US, Barak Hussein Obama. Biden was part of the Obama regime, elements of which spied on the Trump campaign and tried to sabotage Trump’s transition process to his administration and then unlawfully used the FISA process to further harass Trump’s people.

    Four years of attacks on Trump by DEMOCRATS and the mostly Democrat media including the phony Russia Collusion and the needless Mueller investigation that found no collusion. Not enough? More piling on by the evil and wretched Pelosi and the phony impeachment about a phone call to the Ukraine President.

    Speaking of Pelosi, this is what she said about Trump winning the 2016 presidential election:

    On May 16, 2017, in a Twitter:

    “Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocracy & #FollowTheFacts.”

    Many top Democrats followed Pelosi’s lead and said Trump was not a legitimate president. When did Biden ever step up, go on national television and say, “Trump was fairly elected. Stop this nonsense about hijacking. Trump IS OUR president”? NEVER!!

    Following is a clip of the deranged and unhinged Pelosi ripping up a copy of Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Speech:

    How can Biden Unite, heal with crazies such as Pelosi and others who unrelentingly attacked Trump such as Adam Shi*, Chuck Schumer and Illinois own DICK.

  24. Well well well…. I said the quotes coming from Republicans were….. interesting.

    Now the number 3 House Republican said she’s voting to impeach Trump.

    So much for putting this impeachment on the Dems.

    The damn is breaking.

    Ding dong the witch it dead!

  25. Biden has a very long history of making racist remarks, plagiarism, violating womens’ spaces by giving them unwanted hugs, kisses and even smelling their hair. He has yet to be investigated by the federal bureau regarding a charge by his former staff member, Tara Reade, that he raped her. He appears to not be very stable and has made remarks of wanting to do violence upon Donald Trump as follows:

    On October 21, 2016, Biden said: “The Press always ask me don’t I wish I were debating him (Trump). No, I wish I were in high school and I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish.”

    On March 20, 2018, Biden said: “If I were in high school I would take him (Trump) behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.”

    How can this guy be sworn in on Jan 20th given his history, which also includes idiotic and moronic statements?

  26. Clearly Liz Cheney is making her move to run for governor in Illinois. Lololololol.

  27. From the guy that is constantly saying ” I’d beat the hell out of______” and “I’ll take him behind the barn”

    You’re not getting the money til you fire the investigator looking into my son” etc.

    PATHETIC and either he has a terrible memory or hopes America does.

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