Franks Cashing Out

Jack Franks

Typically former State Rep. and McHenry County Board Chairman files his Illinois State Board of Elections quarterly report at the last minute.

There is no reason to believe he will file earlier this month.

However, checking to see if he had broken that pattern revealed something interesting.

Stating that he was returning campaign contributions, Franks reported taking

  • $200,000 out of the 1st National Bank Of Omaha
  • $200,000 out of Prairie Community Bank in Union, Illinois

That was reported on New Year’s Eve, the last day of December.

The identities of the individuals receiving the returned donations will be revealed in Franks’ quarterly report.


Franks Cashing Out — 8 Comments

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen gray hair with dark roots before.

  2. Billy Bob, my wife says that looks like a shadow root.

    Maybe he got that done at the same time he gets his “mani-pedi”. :p

  3. I have a hard time trusting a man who goes to a hair stylist.

    It’s not a fatal character flaw, but it does make me suspicious that the guy might be a self-absorbed, narcissistic weenie.

    I wont even go into a barber shop if I see a blow dryer in plain sight.

    The old school barbers are getting harder and harder to find.

  4. Makes two of us, Billy Bob.

    Barber shops also used to be a men’s space.

    The subversion changed that.

    Now the average idiot goes to the corporate corner hair salon and gets a bad $20 cut by a “beautician”.

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