House Black Caucus Agenda — 10 Comments

  1. Why does the legislature have a group that is formed by race? Is that discriminatory? Shouldn’t every group, organization, company, entity be color blind?

  2. Is one of their bills defunding police departments through the state?

    Eliminating protections for police officers?

    No thank you to all of the socialist agenda

  3. Another excuse to raise taxes so groups can sit around and blame white people about whatever ails them.

    It aint working, its all been said and gone over for decades.

    Try something different, like personal responsibility.

    Oh wait—Twitter and Facebook are coming for me now, 2 things I’ve never been on.

    Every Corporation I’ve worked for Blacks always got preferential treatment for hiring, promotions and points earned towards Affirmative Action Goals.

    How is that systemic racism in the workplace?

    And doesnt being a “token” get tiresome for productive individuals?

    Hired, promoted and carried because of ones color?

    Demand Equality through performance, credentials, desire, and results.

    This other stuff Nothing but forced acceptance.


    Black President, Black presidents of corporations, universities, professional sports coaching—but we’re all still racist and the “system” is against them.

    OK–just raise taxes and keep blaming whitey, its how it always ends up.

    Wondering Will Reparations ends this madness once and for all–then pay them.

    Oh and dont forget about the Justice system–just open the cell doors based on color.

    No more do the crime do the time talk from Jesse Jackson.

    Systemic Racism in Education?

    Ask any Asian who nearly aces SAT and ACT tests why they dont get into elite schools anymore–Blacks get in who dont even take the tests because the Univ has to hit a number, when the Asians are considered a minority too.

    Raise Taxes and check it off.

    Thats all this is.

  4. There IS systematic racism!!!!!

    It goes by names such as: Affirmative Action and Identity Politics!

    It’s such things as the Dems saying “If I step down for any reason, I must be replaced by another woman” “another black” etc etc.


  5. What about an Illinois Legislative White Caucus?

    Or a United White College Fund for that matter?

  6. Everyone knows that the average white man isn’t going to college anymore.

    That’s because they aren’t stupid.

    Women are about 2/3 of the college debt in this nation, and minorities are especially falling into the trap of BS degrees even with affirmative action programs.

    It’s all a trick to stick women into dead-end cubicle jobs and end families.

    Now you know why so many of these women support communism and student debt relief.

    They are the ones who bought into the lie.

    And any man that shacks up with a woman with debt like this is DUMB.

    Fewer are falling for it every day.

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