Kinzinger Joins Underwood & Casten in Supporting Trump Impeachment — 9 Comments

  1. Of course he does as it’s hard to tell the difference between them anymore. Over the years he has turned complete.

  2. Kinzinger – Just another opportunistic political whore who
    deceived Illinois Republican voters and ended his career while doing so.
    It’s time for Kinzinger to come out of the closet and join the DEMOCRATS
    where charlatans like him belong.

  3. Uniparty establishment prick.

    He’s married to a former Pence aide.

    The swamp is deep.

  4. Kinzinger is getting ready to run for governor of Illinois.

    It shows with his vote.

  5. Light in the loafers Adam will NEVER be Governor of Illinois, with the BLM movement, you can see persons of color starting to be the flavor du jour.

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