Skillicorn Points to Madigan as Roodblock to Reform, Second Local State Rep. to Relocate to Arizona

Allen Skillicorn and Eileen Marhoeffer at Davd Gervais fundraiser.

Allen Skillicorn is the second legislator representating McHenry County to head to Arizona.

He and his wife will be living in Fountain Hills.

Skillicorn joins ex-Crystal Laker Barbara Wheeler, who is now a teacher in Arizona.

In his resignation letter, which is below, he points to an unhealthy concentration of power in the Illinois House, which has been engineered by Democratic (sic) Party House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Skillicorn suggests some rule changes that would make the House more democratic.

(That is a subject I have been thinking about as well.)

Skillicorn lost narrowly to Democrat Suzanne Ness after putting up what amounted to no campaign.

Ness was heavily financed by Madigan-controlled Political Action Committees and those of State Representatives and unions over which Madigan held sway.

Ironically, Ness may be one of the reasons Madigan loses power, but that remains to be seen.


Skillicorn Points to Madigan as Roodblock to Reform, Second Local State Rep. to Relocate to Arizona — 7 Comments

  1. As I said when I posted the link to Skillicorn’s narcissistic resignation letter last week, he only resigned a big 8 days before his term expired to get attention.

    He didn’t even have the courage to serve out his term, instead he ran away to Fountain Hill, AZ boasting about his new AZ property in Maricopa County.

    To put Skillicorn’s cowardly actions in the same breath of Barb Wheeler is an insult to Wheeler.

    She served out her term, and left Republicans a chance to choose her successor.

    Go back to last August, and note how Skillicorn didn’t make his intentions known that he wanted out as early as May of last year (selling his townhome), and refused to withdraw from the General Election ballot.

    Skillicorn effectively pulled a Bruce Rauner of 2018, who also tried to get out of his General Election showdown.

    Unlike the governor’s race in 2018 which wasn’t even close, the 66th House race was winnable last fall.

    But no, Skillicorn played another narcissistic game of wanting to choose his successor, so when his chosen person(s) wouldn’t have been appointed by McHenry County Party Chairman Wilke, he stayed on the ballot after the August deadline to withdraw.

    Now we have Suzanne Ness for at least 2 years.

    And 22 years ago, many thought Jack Franks would be a one term and done, Ness may turn out the same.

    Ironically, Wheeler’s brother Dr. Tom Salvi was the first Republican whom Franks beat to win his 2nd term in 2000.

    Enjoy AZ Allen, and know first hand the grass is not greener on the other side, especially living in the desert.

    And yes, I know the real reasons Skillicorn wanted out and he only had himself to blame for his flop in Illinois politics, and he was given many honorable ways to succeed or get out, but chose to do what he did.

  2. Cal & John, didn’t I just hear, Jim & Brenda Edgar relocated to Arizona too?

  3. Not sure about the Edgars but it’s no secret Bruce Rauner relocated to Florida.

  4. Skillicorn was smart to exit Hellinois.

    Narcissistic or Rational?

    My house, now under contract is set fo a closing next mo. See ya suckers.

    Destination: Uruguay and excellent beef steaks!

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