U.S. Senate Leader Seems to Favor Impeachment

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, husband of the woman Donald Trump appointed Secretary of Transportation, now safely re-elected for another six-year term, comes out against the President:

According to the Chicago Tribune, McConnell blames Trump for losing the Senate.


U.S. Senate Leader Seems to Favor Impeachment — 31 Comments

  1. Looks like fake news but nobody is surprised that Cocaine Mitch an establishment liar and turncoat.

  2. Mitch has finally revealed to the country who he really is.

    Karma is a bitch, and so is Mitch.

  3. His Asiatic beard wants a spot on the directors of the World Bank.

  4. He may be safely re-elected for a 6 year term and the people will never forget.

    Sure hope he’s ready to retire in 6 years.

  5. There are no democrats and there are no republicans.

    There is the political class and the rest of us.

  6. Gasser where do you think Trump fits into that?

    Do you think he is on your side and part of the “us.” LOL.

    Trump doesn’t give a flying F about people like you.

    The only thing Trump cares about is Trump.

    McConnell is going to be 84 years old in 6 years and he packed the court with his judges.

    He gives as much as a flying F about getting reelected as Trump cares about his voters.

  7. Apparently, the Democrats have nothing else to do with their time, when they’re aren’t rioting and destroying the Country.

  8. A Democracy is Mob Rule, and the Mob is flexing their muscles, at the expense of the US Taxpayers/Voters.

    I was fortunate to have listened to Our Secretary of Stake, Mike Pompeo’s Speech to America’s Voice and the National Press Club.

    He was also interviewed on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program early this morning.

    Mike Pompeo made it very clear that the CCP has infiltrated many areas of our government, right up to and including School Districts.

    We have many folks in the “Mob” that are beholding to the CCP and the CCP does not play nice.

    I do believe we are seeing the reprocruptions of what I will call “The Big Squeeze”.

  9. Mitch is a traitorous pos, and always was.

    Is his wife a Chicom member, too?

  10. PinocchiOH said: “Trump doesn’t give a flying F about people like you.”

    Maybe, but clearly the establishment Uniparty hates him or is afraid of him, and that enough is good for many Americans.

    At least PinocchiOH is aware that these politicians have her best interests in mind.

    At least not the 40-year geriatric elite club that somehow manages to stay in control for life.

    We’ll see what happens to Trump after this.

    If they try to make an example of them, it’s only going to fuel the disdain for the Uniparty and grow the MAGA movement even if they try to scam America into believing that 80 million voters “domestic terrorists”.


    Not looking good for 25th or even impeachment attempt.

  11. Impeachment is looking as good as it ever looked.

    Trump will be convicted in his impeachment trial.

    McConnell is done with Trump and needs to do something to stop the bleeding from corporate America that cut off funding for the GOP.

    If he wants him convicted, he’s going to be convicted.

    And I think he NEEDS him to be convicted.

    Make no mistake, he’s not doing this to help the Dems.

    He’s not doing this because it’s the right thing to do.

    He’s doing this to help his party.

    Establishment always wins.


    And don’t you ever forgot that MAGA.

  12. anotherwatcher

    Democracy is not mob rule. (Democracy was evidenced by the November election. January 6th evidenced mob rule.)

    By the way, would you tell us what “reprocruptions” means.

  13. Clutch Cargo is going to lead the GOB down the drain if he sanctions this BS.

  14. Trump has hardly used his veto power, and never to try and control spending and deficits.

    Trump wants a bigger socialist gov dudes buy off of voters called a stimulus check, which most of us really don’t need anyway.

    Mitch is at least trying to hold the line on the deficit’s and more borrowing.

    Before you get up and beat your chest for either, look at the Treasury Dept website related to budgets and deficit spending, both lack fiscally responsible leadership skills.

  15. Imbecile Primate: “MUH DEMOCRACY!”

    Still clueless about what’s really going on.

    Here is an interesting article on the GOP situation.

    Not sure it even matters with how disappointed people are in GOP.

    If Cocaine Mitch wants to prop up the GOP, he’s not going to do it by alienating its biggest supporters, who now see just one party that’s against the people of the nation.

    The fake news quotes about impeachment are all talk.


    If anything it gives some insight about the class war that’s going on in the nation.

    The self-absorbed, amoral, leftist morons around here are clearly detailed in that article about their disdain for their “low class” brothers and sisters.

    The faux elitist liberals that are ashamed to live out in the suburbs with their dirty, hard working, redneck, gun-toting, beer-drinking neighbors are extremely vocal about how much they hate the fact that they are “stuck” with people who they want to believe are beneath them.

    Daily, the same parrots attempt to shame and shut down the people that they don’t like; A reflection of who they really are.

    No amount of phony education, debt, and slave labor cubicle jobs seem to have improved their situation though.

    They blame Trump.

    They blame you.

  16. the nob,

    I think you’re right about a lot of that but a lot of it is all talk.

    Most of his base isn’t in favor of “the vaccine” situation, or the stimulus checks.

    Let’s be clear that congress as a whole have been extremely irresponsible in this regard, especially over the past year.

    But, indeed, Trump was pandering to the people that didn’t support him in the first place.

  17. Very, very, very, very ugly and mostly vicious dialogue by Democrats ongoing today in the U.S. House re impeachment.

    The hate and revenge continues unabated by Democrats.

    There is absolutely no way that the stated desire for unity by the new Democrat president is legitimate or sincere.

    If ever there was credence and legitimacy to the term, “Trust no Democrat”, that is today.

  18. IMPEACHMENT of Trump actually started on Jan 20, 2017

    IMPEACHMENT of Donald Trump no doubt was on the minds and wishes of Democrats and left wingers, including a prominent Washington DC newspaper, from the beginning of Trump’s presidency.

    At 12:19 PM, on Jan 20, 2017, NINETEEN minutes after Trump was sworn into office, the headline at the newspaper was:

    “Campaign to impeach President Trump has begun”.

    Democrats and their shills in the mostly left wing media were angered when THEIR candidate, Hillary Clinton lost the election. They could not understand how a real estate developer with no political experience could defeat the wife of a former president. How a woman deemed, “The most qualified candidate to ever run for the presidency”, per Barak Hussein Obama, could lose. Democrats and the media unfortunately believed the nonsense from Obama, the worst ever president of the U.S. Here in 2021, the only possible explanation for the relentless and ongoing attacks on Trump, after the 2016 election, is that Democrats and the mostly leftist media wanted revenge.

    But, the attacks on Trump, his campaign and administration actually began in mid 2016 when elements of the Obama administration spied on his campaign. And then, Democrats and the mostly left wing media continued their attacks month after month after month. Some of these included:

    Top agents of the federal bureau (before the election) stated they would have an insurance policy to counter Trump in the event he won the election.

    Hillary Clinton originated the Russia Collusion hoax with her authorization of the phony Trump Dosier produced by a British spy and a Russian citizen.

    The long, long Mueller Investigation that intentionally put a cloud over the Trump Administration. Eventually, it found no Russia collusion.

    The almost daily network news coverage of morons such as Democrats Adam Shi* and Eric Swalwell claiming that they had proof of Trump Russia collusion.

    Unmasking of legal phone conversations between Trump officials and foreign leaders by Obama operatives.

    Illegal use of the phony Trump Dosier by Obama operatives to get FISA warrants.


    Will U.S. Attorney John Durham’s report on all of the shenanigans, illegal activities, of those in the Obama administration and the deep state be made public? Will charges be made and prosecutions proceed?

    Or, will the Biden Administration and his new Attorney General deep six the Durham report?
    What will become of the long and ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden? Deep sixed also?

    Will Trump bring multi-million dollar lawsuits against EACH of the persons who vote for this current false and phony impeachment?

  19. Democrats:


  20. “White supremacy” is simply what they call a refusal to cuck to the liberals and the system.

  21. I accurately paraphrased what every House Democrat is saying right now.

    You don’t even need to bother watching.

  22. These emotional liberals look and sound so stupid up there.

    Some speakin’ in jive.

    Fat mommas all angry.

    Preachin’ to the people.

    Karens trying to shame and scare.

    Not a single one of them seeking peace or to unite the nation.

    All seeking only punish and control Americans who aren’t like them.

  23. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, there is no telling yet what the arrest involves specifically, or which party (if any) was involved.

  24. Liz Cheney, the rotten apple doesn’t fall from from the diseased tree.

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