Black Caucus Favorite Wins Illinois House Speakership

Chris Welch

By a vote of 70-44 with three Democrats missing, not voting or voting “Present,” Hillside Democrat Chris Welch was elected to succeed Mike Madigan as Illinois House Speaker.

His election certainly shows that the Black Caucus is more cohesive that the Women’s Caucus in the Democratic Party.

Welch was the Chairman of the committee probing Madigan’s Commonweath Edison wong-doing.

In that role he thwarted any significant investigation.

Delighted with his election are

  • the Illinois AFL-CIO
  • the Illinois Federation of Teachers
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Equality Illinois
  • the Illinois Environmental Council
  • the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition
  • Personal PAC
  • Teamsters
  • Faith in Place
  • SEIU Local 73
  • the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition
  • Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA)
  • Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Illinois Education Association
  • Gun Violence Prevention PAC
  • SEIU Healthcare

In its article, the Chicago Tribune notes,


Black Caucus Favorite Wins Illinois House Speakership — 11 Comments

  1. Good question–appearing in the Chicago Tribune today about Chris Welch:

    “On Tuesday, Welch’s bid for speaker drew criticism from a whistleblower at the center of a high-profile sexual harassment case involving Madigan’s political operation.

    “How does our state go through a #MeToo scandal that lasted two years and the solution to replacing Michael Madigan is with a person” written up in a police report over allegations of domestic violence? asked Alaina Hampton, who called out a Madigan operative in 2018 over sexual harassment.”

    And thats just one of the at least 3 known allegations about this mans treatment of women when things dont go his way…

    what a joke.

    will he need an escort when going to the Capital?

    He should.

  2. Nice payday for the
    chairman of the committee probing Madigan’s Commonweath Edison ‘alleged’ shakedown.

    This state is beyond repair

  3. We can rest assured the Citizens of Illinois have spectacular representation at the House Speaker position when that list of special interests support him.

  4. Is the Step in fetchit literate?

    Black Atty General
    Black Secy of State
    Black Speaker
    Black police chief of Chi-Congo
    Black Cook County Bd President
    Black Congressgoon (14 Dis)
    Black Mayor of Chi-Congo

    But they are only 12% of population, yet we’re constantly told White systemic racism keeps Blacks powerless.


  5. According to the U.S. Census Department, there are 5 races.

    Why only one group in the Illinois Congress is represented.

    Should there be 4 more?

  6. Will Mr. Welch have any difficulty sitting in the Spearker’s Chair with Mike Madigan’s hand and arm up his. . .

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