Illinois National Guard Called to Protect Illinois Capitol

Illinois State Capitol

Word has reached McHenry Blog that the Illinois National Guard has been call out to protect the State Capitol.


Illinois National Guard Called to Protect Illinois Capitol — 12 Comments

  1. The corrupticrat COWARDS are very scared as well they should be
    for what they have wrought upon the people of this state.

    They can run but they cannot hide, karma will find them eventually.

  2. They are way too late.

    The State Capitol was taken over by communists long ago!

  3. I’m afraid Cindy’s right.

    When rats like Edgar and Thompson pranced, it was already over.

  4. No, they are probably planning another false flag, all 50 states have been warned of potential attacks on their capitols.

    Got to have someone there to pretend like they are trying to stop things, otherwise people might ask why there was almost zero security, you know like there was on Jan 6th.

  5. Kinzinger to the rescue, he is a Lt. Col. in this branch.

    He told us so, many, many, many times.

    Pretty boy is a Bit@h.

  6. John Sullivan (Insurgence USA), basically with his own brand of BLM / Antifa, has been taken back into custody after DC police let him off the hook last week.

    All of this after they arrested and charged everyone else who was inside.

    For those who don’t know, he was on the front lines in the “Capitol Riot” and filmed Ashli Babbitt being murdered.

    Rumor mill (could be fake news) is that his brother is pro-Trump and turned him in.

    Also alleged that their adopted father is retired Major LT. Gen. Kevin Sullivan.

    Not sure if it’s true.

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