From the Desk of John Lopez: My Response to Kristina Zahorik

Kristina Zahorik

“put a sock in it”

Yesterday, Illinois Democratic County Chairs Association (ILDCCA) President, Kristina Zahorik, who’s also the chair of the McHenry County Democratic Party, issued a publicity stunt of a press release demanding Republicans to

  • Publicly denounce recent violent calls to action
  • Clearly state Joe Biden was elected President in a free and fair election

She ended her grandstanding with an

“Anything less will be considered approval of these attacks against democracy.”

ILDCCA President Kristina Zahorik statement, 1/12/21


First I will disclose right now, I am no Republican, I only speak for myself.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and were not cleansed in the past week, here is my tweet yesterday afternoon:

I mean all of what I said yesterday, and don’t need childish stunts from Zahorik, let alone threats.

As my friend Michael O’Hogan tweeted earlier this week:

“Conspiracy? The Democrats stole that election…

“Biden receiving 80M+ votes in the election is like a borderline retarded D- student getting an A+ on his final exam.”

Michael O’Hogan tweet, a Midwest, pro-life Libertarian Populist


While I wouldn’t have used that colorful of a language, the fact Biden outperformed Barack Obama, even among black voters, is something I still find hard to believe.

Yes, COVID, violence from the Left and Alt-Right extremists (Oh, I forgot, “ANTIFA” is an “idea”), may have produced an election much like 1932.

It’s hard to believe Biden did better than Obama with black voters. This election gives a perception of not being fair throughout parts of the country, in spite of the fact the courts refused to hear the evidence in court.

So “acceptance” is the furthest I will go, and as of 11AM CST next Wednesday, Joe Biden will be President of the United States, with the respect that goes with it.

But Zahorik, and anyone else who thinks they can grandstand and gloat, a quote by a character John Vernon played in The Outlaw Josey Wales at the end of the Civil War will apply to the gloating grandstanders:

That quote goes with calls for “unity” delivered with a smirk. Actions speak louder than words, and right now, Democrat calls for unity are 9 out of 10 vapid.


From the Desk of John Lopez: My Response to Kristina Zahorik — 20 Comments

  1. Excellent rebuttal, John.

    It is apparent that the D’s like Zahorik are deeply and profoundly mentally disturbed.

    They appear to be suffering from mass psychosis, and that makes them extremely violent
    and as such a danger to society as we have already witnessed.

  2. It’s not hard at all to believe that trump lost.

    He didn’t win the popular vote in 2016, and he never was a popular president.

    He’s a compulsive liar and completely incompetent.

    The democratic party worked hard and smart to bring out the vote, while trump’s conspiracy mongering depressed republican turnout.

    We need an actual conservative political party in this country, one based on facts and competence.

    These stupid conspiracy theories hurt us all.

  3. What world are you living in ‘grown?’

    Your assessment is your opinion and in no way reflects reality!

  4. Fact – Trump got more than ten million votes than he did in 2016.

    How does this equal depressing Republican turnout?

    You obviously lie when you say you are into facts and competence.

    Either that or you don’t know the meaning of depressing turnout.

    So, either you’re a liar or stupid. Not sure which one it is at this point.

  5. Like most of the Democrats. Kristina Zahorik is an instigator.

    Nancy Pelosi trained her well.

    Her statements to the Public are unprofessional and irresponsible.


  6. Kristina Zahorik, is a Trustee for the Village of Oakwood Hills.

    Her words are reprehensible.

    Because she works for the people, she should be held to a higher standard and removed from office.

    Village Trustees, should not be creating an Insurrection.

    It is really in her best interest to just go ahead and resign.

  7. ZaWhore-ick. She needs to be caged and wheeled around to grade schools as an example of human reptile.

  8. Speaking of socks…

    Where is our friendly neighborhood Kristina to respond to John with her sock puppet account of lies?

    Maybe she already shoved it in her loud mouth? Hopefully with her foot as well, but being the size of Shrek, I find that unlikely.

    I think John knows who she is and is just trollin’ at this point.

    By the way. Trump won the popular vote this time.

  9. S.I. copying AOC low class… all the way…

    Guess what honey….


    you workin for da cheating regime man now…


  10. Will anybody post any articles that they have found about Kristina Zahorik denouncing violence at any time throughout the past four years?

  11. Lopez putting quotation marks in his tweet of “free/fair elections” demonstrates rather clearly that he does not believe that the election was free or fair.

    His evidence?

    That Joe Biden obtained more votes from African American voters than did Barack Obama.


    African Americans can think for themselves and not just vote for the Black guy running for office?

    Would would have thought…

    After dozens of court cases that were summarily rejected by judges of both political parties, after multiple recounts, and after multiple audits, there is no change to the fact that Joe Biden procured millions more votes than did Donald Trump.

    Rather than continuing with the charade that the election was “stolen,” the belief of which is the exact reason that domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol, Lopez and others should do their part to quell the violence by saying that they do not like the outcome of the election, but, to quote Donald Trump, “it is what it is.”

    Time to move forward.

  12. M, I’ve heard these talking points for a while now, and you know as well as I do the evidence was not presented in the bulk of those filings, particularly the Texas case SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts utterly rejected out of spite.

    And there he goes with the domestic terrorism cancel culture weapon.

    That won’t stop me from telling the truth.

    And in case M missed it, what he said is exactly what I did.

  13. M, None of the above is actually true, but believe what you will.

    Also, there is no such thing as an “African American” when referring to someone who was born in the USA.

    Stop spreading lies to create division as though black Americans are somehow different than anyone else.

    That’s the kind of thing that racist pigs do.

    Don’t be a racist pig.

  14. M is one of those twisted Democrats who points their finger at the opposition, but refuses to look in the mirror.

    M should really do their part in quelling the violence from Black LiCe Matter and the rioters who destroyed business, homes and livelihoods that took people a lifetime to earn.

    In fact, rioters have done nothing over the last 9 months but work to destroy this Country.

    Biden, is the new boy in town who will do nothing but continue to enable and empower their efforts.

  15. M said:

    “there is no change to the fact that Joe Biden procured millions more votes than did Donald Trump”

    And, Hillary Clinton received about 3 million more votes than did Trump and lost the 2016 election.

    It is all about the “Electorial” (as pronounced by an idiot on the Congress floor on Jan 6th, 2021) College Votes and swing states.

  16. Duncan Hines is a fruit cake!

    Should get along well with M.

  17. Didn’t Trump’s lawyers acknowledge in court over and over again that the cases filed weren’t about fraud ?

    So, why would courts entertain evidence of fraud when fraud isn’t alleged?

    And what would prevent evidence of fraud being presented in another forum (such as in a legislative hearing) ?

    The fact that no such evidence has been forthcoming in any forum speaks (in a manner of speaking) volumes, doesn’t it ?

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