Madigan Out – Farewell Statement

From former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan:

Mike Madigan dethroned.

“As I prepare to pass the Speaker’s gavel to a new generation of Democratic leadership, I want to thank the people of my district and the members of the House Democratic Caucus for the faith and trust they have placed in me over the years.

“I want to thank my staff for their hard work on behalf of every member of this caucus.

“It has been the honor of a lifetime to help bring people of different experiences and backgrounds together to serve our state.

“It is time for new leadership in the House.

“I wish all the best for Speaker-elect Welch as he begins a historic speakership.

“It is my sincere hope today that the caucus I leave to him and to all who will serve alongside him is stronger than when I began.

“And as I look at the large and diverse Democratic majority we have built—full of young leaders ready to continue moving our state forward, strong women and people of color, and members representing all parts of our state—I am confident Illinois remains in good hands.”


Madigan Out – Farewell Statement — 8 Comments

  1. Two paragraphs of pure unadulterated putrid steaming bullshit,
    just like Madigan himself.

    Get ready for more social justice BLM hate Whitey demands from
    the woman beater of Hillside.

    If you think things are bad now . . .

  2. Impossible.

    Lopez told us all the MJM would be reelected Speaker!

  3. AlabamaShake, I was right.

    He was reelected Speaker, through Chris Welch.

    There was no way Madigan was going to give up the Speaker’s gavel to a Democratic woman.

    And as Cal has predicted, I 100% agree Madigan will chair/run the Reapportionment Committee and redraw the lines.

    Madigan didn’t “suspend” his campaign on Monday without strings, and if you don’t believe me, see if Madigan resigns BEFORE the Remap for congressional, legislative and representative districts are signed.

    Madigan played the Democratic caucus beautifully, because that is what Madigan really wanted.

  4. LOL – no, you did not say that someone else would be elected Speaker that was loyal to Madigan.

    But good try.

  5. 1 Swamp feeder gone… T.G.

    I still can’t believe it is the door broke down there?


  6. DEMOCRATS have a very long history of pimping Blacks, when they’re not hanging them.

  7. In the days to come, Illinoisans will wish they had the leprous leprechaun back.

    He never got on board for reparations

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