Terra de Baltz Sends Announcement of Her Run for Grafton Township Assessor

From Terra de Baltz, candidate for the Republican nomination for Grafton Township Assessor:

Grafton Township showing precinctcs.


My name is Terra de Baltz and I’m pleased to announce my candidacy for Assessor in Grafton Township.

I have been a resident in the Village of Huntley for 18 years. My husband and I have two children that attend the Huntley School District of 158.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Illinois University and
am a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer. I am certified by the state to serve as Township Assessor.

In addition, I am currently a knowledgeable Deputy Assessor for Elgin Township, which encumbers 34,000+ parcels (approximately 12,000 more diverse parcels than Grafton Township).

Terra de Baltz

During my time at Elgin Township, I have participated in all aspects of the assessment process and am very familiar with the innumerable dealings of the office on a daily basis.

I have direct interaction with property owners and tend to their questions and concerns regularly.

I hold a wide-range of experience in assessing all property types, an understanding of exemptions, and knowledge of the property tax cycle.

But I am not running on my qualifications alone.

I am a positive and hardworking professional with strong work ethics, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible.

I am dedicated to serve our township and the taxpayers through positive governance and integrity.

With your support, I strive to meet the needs of our taxpayers by placing a strong emphasis on the following objectives:

 Establish uniform and equitable assessments to ensure fair distribution of the tax burden amongst taxpayers.

o Institute a coherent and reliable method of assessing all classes and property types throughout the township.

 Efficient use of taxpayers’ dollars.

o To become a Township official that is creative in delivering quality services with the least possible burden to taxpayers.

 Educate and assist residents on the property tax cycle and assessment process.

o Encourage residents to discuss assessments at the township level, explain assessed values to property owners, and facilitate exemptions.

 Provide transparency between the assessor’s office and taxpayers.

o Open communication with the public, answer questions, and manage concerns raised by property owners.

I am a concerned homeowner who works with assessments every day and I am seeking the opportunity to ethically utilize my experience and qualifications to benefit the township I reside in.

Grafton Township deserves an honest and transparent officer with a worthy code of ethics to turn the township around and I am your candidate for the task.

I hope to gain your support on February 23, 2021 in the consolidated
primary election.

Please visit www.terra4assessor.com for more information.


Terra de Baltz Sends Announcement of Her Run for Grafton Township Assessor — 7 Comments

  1. Header says her name is Baltz, name below her picture says Blatz – which is it ?
    Perhaps our editor has been imbibing in a bit too much Blatz ? Cheers !

  2. Thank you Terra.

    We finally have someone to vote for who didn’t save his immediate neighbors thousands of dollars in underassessments and when confronted, admitted that he did underassess them but they were “clerical errors”.

    Never once did he try to correct them or attempt to claw back the money, no, he then in an email, argued with the County Assessors Office that in his opinion they have no right to correct his errors the next cycle, leaving some residents to deduce that maybe they weren’t really clerical errors but an effort curry favor?

    To make up for the several hundred thousand dollar drop in his area, he raised the assessments of other subdivision homes, some 30-100% in one year, which hit during a Pandemic.

    Fire the Sheriff of Nottingham so we don’t have to keep paying for his “errors.”

    The same guy who toots his own horn that he is the best in the state, yet made more “clerical errors” in one year than most Township Assessors make in a decade.

    VOTE February 23rd, TERRA DE BALTZ

  3. I am told that one needs five good laughs a day to maintain good mental health.

    Your correction, Citizen Editor, gave me my second one.

  4. Why do we even need township supervisors?

    Indian got rid of them years ago.

  5. Terra, you have my support, if you’ll promise not to look into my property tax assessment.

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