Wilcox Opposes 764-Page “Radical” Criminal Justice Bill Given One Hour to Digest

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

Sen. Wilcox opposes radical criminal justice bill

Springfield, IL – With less than an hour to review a 764-page proposal radically changing how Illinois will deal with crime and criminals, State Sen. Craig Wilcox cast a ‘no’ vote in opposition to the criminal justice reform measure opposed by every law enforcement group in the state:

“First of all, the measure contains policies that leave neighborhoods and communities more at risk from violent offenders while at the same time defunding police if communities fail to comply with every new and unfunded mandate.

“Secondly, the way the majority party chose to ram through the proposal with little time for review or debate was an abuse of the legislative process that dragged on throughout all hours of the night.

“We literally had one hour to review this massive bill.

“That’s not open, transparent and responsible government.

“It’s not possible that every member of the Senate was aware of all the details, nor could they fully understand the impact this legislation will have on the safety of the people they represent.

“For these reasons, I voted no.”

The Senate approved House Bill 3653 by a vote of 32 to 23. ​The legislation goes to the House for final consideration.


Wilcox Opposes 764-Page “Radical” Criminal Justice Bill Given One Hour to Digest — 6 Comments

  1. This cultural Marxist/Socialist BLM hate Whitey bill is why
    we must prepare ourselves for CW2 by carrying concealed at all times
    and wherever we may be.

    If you haven’t yet procured firearms already
    you’re probably too late already.

    Don’t ever count on the police to come to your rescue – when seconds count the
    police are minutes away.

  2. Typical stunt by the Springfield Democrats.

    For those unfamiliar with the way they (and this can apply to both sides of the aisle although with their super majority, the Democrats make the most use of it), here is what happened:

    About a week ago one of the Chicago black caucus legislators filed a police reform bill.

    After the bill is filed people/groups can file support or opposition to the bill.
    After comment time expired she pulled the verbiage of the bill leaving only the heading.

    This is a pretty common tactic particularly by majority party during lame duck sessions.

    Called a shell bill.

    File a bill to get a number and any heading you want to give it.

    Then just hours before the lame duck session ends the sponsor throws their verbiage into the bill and it goes thru before the minority party can review it.

    There is no time for the public to file support or opposition because that time expired during the original filing.

    The title of the shell bill does not have to accurately describe what ends up in the actual bill.

    The verbiage of the final bill does not have to be anything close to the original bill.

    Using this method the original bill could have called for specific aid to children with cancer and received favorable comment.

    The, presto changeo, the “new” guts in the bill triples the salary of every legislator and gets passed without any discussion.

    This is how the dems got the police reform passed today.

    At 3 am this morning the sponsor added her verbiage to her shell bill.

    Over 700 pages.

    The Senate then called for a vote at 4am.

    At 3am was the first time anyone other than the dems had seen the bill.

    Not that it mattered since the dems hold a super majority.

    After the Senate passed the bill at 4am it went to the house and passed about 10am with no discussion allowed on the bill.

    Gov Fatass said a couple of weeks ago he will sign any police reform bill the legislature sends him.

    From the bits being made public now it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a good time to be in any type law enforcement job nor is it any good for law abiding people.

  3. And this is how they do it…

    when will you all get it…

  4. Finally a decent Republican who stands for us, not like Reick or Weber.

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