Skillicorn Thumbs Nose at Illinois on the Way to Arizona

From The Center Square:

Illinois lawmaker resigns after loss, drives through Springfield on way to new home in Arizona

(The Center Square) – Even Illinois’ legislature isn’t immune to population loss to other states. 

As the 101st General Assembly wraps up, they’re without state Rep. Allen Skillicorn, a Republican formerly of suburban East Dundee.

Escape Illinois says the back of Allen Skillicorn’s moving trailer at the tate Capitol.

The vocal conservative announced on Jan. 5 that he had tendered his resignation in the state Legislature, saying he would no longer pay Illinois’ “corruption tax” in good conscience.

“Illinois has been ruled for far too long by a small handful of Cook County Cronies, lead by Speaker Michael Madigan,” he said in his statement.

“For more times than I care to count, the Democrat majority and, disapprovingly, many Republicans have voted to pass legislation that raised taxes, increased spending, and created more regulation.

“It is to Illinois a death by a thousand legislative cuts.”

He had moved into a much more expensive home in Fountain Hills, Arizona but paid comparable costs because taxes were low enough to offset much of the increased cost.

“I looked at the mortgage calculator and thought ‘that payment is half of what I expected it to be,’” he told The Center Square. “When you’re not paying five-to-six, even $1,000 a month in property taxes, that changes the dynamic quite a bit.”

Fountain Hills, Arizona lies on the far eastern side of the Phoenix metropolitan area that includes Scottsdale, Peoria, Glendale, Tempe, and other cities that represent the majority of the state’s population. The town is in a congressional and state legislative district that leans heavily Republican. Skillicorn said he had no plans to run for office in his new home at present but would help other like-minded Republicans get into office.

Skillicorn [without running a campaign narrowly] lost his re-election bid to Democrat Suzanne Ness of Crystal Lake in November. The two-term representative was first elected in 2016. 

In all, 24 members of Illinois’ General Assembly have not finished their terms in the 101st legislature.

Some retired, others, resigned in connection to ongoing corruption investigations, others accepted positions in other state agencies, others chose not to complete their terms for various reasons including the state policy that terminates their health benefits at the turn of the new year. 


Skillicorn Thumbs Nose at Illinois on the Way to Arizona — 12 Comments

  1. Good Luck to you and thanks for all your efforts we can’t blame you one bit !

    we have friends where your going and its a nice place, you will enjoy it.

    Now you can turn AZ back to RED now that the Cheat is over…

  2. Good for him.

    I’m already yearning for the glory days of Madigan.

  3. I also am sorry to see you go…

    I love your departing message on the back of your trailor

    you were right about Rino Kinzinger

  4. SillyCon: Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

    Good riddance, punk.

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