Six Reported Dead of Coronavirus, Including One in Thirties

McHenry County deaths as reported by the Illinois Department of Public Health on January 15th:

  • 1 male 30s
  • 2 males 70s
  • 1 female 80s
  • 1 male 80s
  • 1 male 90s

Below are deaths by decade as reported by the McHenry County Health Department yesterday:

McHenry County Covid-19 deaths by age through 1-14-21.


Six Reported Dead of Coronavirus, Including One in Thirties — 7 Comments

  1. Only 29 total, out of more than 30,000 vaccinations. 🤷‍♂️


  2. I’ve noticed that the radical commies that have been holding out for a year for the vaccine have changed their tune.

    At first, they were saying that even a single person dead is too much, and that you better wear your mask and hide in your basement until they tell you that it’s safe.

    NOW they are saying that vaccine deaths are OK perfectly acceptable because the fake vaccine will “save lives”. So (by their logic) it’s OK if a few people die as long as everyone takes the vaccine.

    How dumb are these people?


    Furthermore, they have no “science” that the vaccine actually is saving lives, for a madeup virus threat with a 98% recovery rate anyway.

    “But the vaccine is 98% effective”, Yeah, no !@#$. There already was a 98% recovery rate for people who were diagnosed with this BS virus anyway.

    No science at all.

    Just useful idiots that live in fear and believe anything.

    This guy is a total dork, but he was right.

  3. “How dumb are these people? Really?”

    Do you really need to ask?

    They will believe whatever cnn and social media tell them to believe, no questions asked.

    If this group of people were capable of critical thinking, we would have been doing the controlled avalanche strategy all along and we would be much better off for it.

    Instead, roughly 50% of people can’t think for themselves and will accept whatever they are told as truth.

  4. A refreshing change from the same old thing is the Great Barrington Declaration, written by three of the world’s preeminent epidemiologists and signed by 13,000 public health scientists and nearly 40,000 general practitioners.

    The public health establishment looked upon this statement with scorn and disdain.

    The group dared to propose focusing on society’s most vulnerable elements while opening all schools and churches and allowing the majority of the population to return with care to full normality.

    Such a proposition corresponds precisely to what is now known about the virus.

    It would target each group with the level of care needed rather than the one-size-fits-all lockdown procedures that destroy society and economies.

    The time has come to discard socialistic, inflexible preconceived policies.

    The public health experts must admit their colossal mistakes, abandon their agendas and re-establish public trust.

    As things stand, there is no scientific method to their madness.

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