Kinzinger Promises GOP Civil War

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger, increasing his brand as the Illinois anti-Trump, told the New York Times that there would be a civil war in the Republican Party based on allegiance or opposition to President Donald Trump.

Kinzinger is aiming for a statewide run.

Here is the headline run in the internet edition of the Chicago Tribune version of the NYT story:


Kinzinger Promises GOP Civil War — 11 Comments

  1. If Joe biden had actually received 80 million votes he would not need 20 thousand troops and 10+ thousand armed security to install him.

    This is a dictatorship being installed by a coup!

  2. I’ve been told by a linguist that kinzinger translated from an old Germanic language means IDIOT…………..just sayin’

  3. Maybe he and Jack Franks can start:

    Illinois Losers Club

  4. Adam Kinzinger is married to his fiance, Sofia Boza-Holman on 16th February 2020. Their wedding was in the courtyard of an 18th-century monastery in Guatemala and officiated by Rev. Nate Ferguson, lead pastor of the Village Christian Church of Channahon. He engaged to Sofia in June 2019.

    His wife Sofia is a former director of strategic media for Vice President Mike Pence.

    Past Affair

    He was engaged to his girlfriend, Riki Meyers, a fellow pilot. The couple was engaged in the year 2011. But after a year of their engagement, they broke up in the year 2012. The reason for the breakup is still unknown.

  5. What did Ms. Meyers learn about closet case Kinzinger?

  6. Was a regular reader of this Chicago newspaper UNTIL they endorsed Barak Hussein Obama for president in 2008.

    Immediately stopped reading the paper.

    They endorsed the worst ever president of the U.S.

    Lots of facts and documentation that he was the worst.

  7. Kinzinger is a JOKE that keeps on giving.

    His delusional understanding of the world is nothing but jocular.

    We should get him a court jester hat – he can lead the anti-Trump parade!

    “The La Salle County Republican Central Committee is hosting a, “Rally for Representation” in Ottawa’s Washington Park, the home of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate, on Saturday, January 30th at 1:00 PM.”
    “Over the past six years, Illinois’ 16th Congressional District Rep. Adam Kinzinger has not met nor communicated with the La Salle County Republican Central Committee, despite repeated invitations to do so. Beginning last year, Rep. Kinzinger became a frequent, public critic of former President Donald Trump, who was at that time the President of the United States, the leader of the Republican Party, and his Commander-In-Chief. Rep. Kinzinger’s remarks have reached a level of disconnect and inappropriateness that we, as his fellow Republicans and constituents, can no longer remain silent. It is past time that we send a clear message that his actions and comments do not represent a significant portion of his constituents and the majority of the La Salle County Republican Central Committee.

    The La Salle County Republican Central Committee is hosting a “Rally for Representation” in Ottawa’s Washington Park, the home of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate, on Saturday, January 30th at 1:00 PM. (The park is located between Lafayette St., Jackson St., and LaSalle St.) We have invited Rep. Kinzinger to the rally to speak to his constituents and their friends and neighbors. Adam Kinzinger was elected and sent to Congress to represent his constituents. We believe he has neglected this duty. Please attend this rally and make your voices heard.”

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