Algqonquin Township Abolition Referendum Snuffed Out by Three Township Officials

I missed the Algonquin Township Electoral Board hearing.

The Northwest Herald watched, however, and reports

Those on the Electoral Board are familiar Algonquin Township government names:

  • Supervisor Chuck Lutzow
  • Clerk Karen Lukasik
  • Trustee Dan Shea

None are running for re-election.

The man who filed the complaint that there were not enough legitimate signatures on the petition to call an April referendum to allow voters to merge Algonquin Township with McHenry County government, however, is.

His name is Randy Funk, who is running for Township Supervisor.

I took a look at the complaint and found the address of my home in Lakewood.

I found my name on the one of the filings:

Interesting because I did not sign the petition.

Three young men were at home when the petition passer–a former Crystal Lake City Councilwoman–stopped by.

They are on the list, as well as others in my precinct, as not having written in the correct address.

Apparently the person checking petitions did not know Lakewood residents have a Crystal Lake zip code.

They live in the Village of Lakewood, but have a Crystal Lake zip code.

Indeed before Post Office forced a Lakewood address on mailing lists, virtually everyone in the Country Club Additions Subdivision in Lakewood said they were from Crystal Lake.

So, the signature checker was probably well-intentioned, but not terribly accurate.

Here is McHenry County Blog’s story on the Electoral Board’s first hearing.

Whether the decision will be appealed is not known.


Algqonquin Township Abolition Referendum Snuffed Out by Three Township Officials — 6 Comments

  1. wait… Cal, your signature was on the petition, even though you didn’t sign it?

  2. Sorry, I think I misread your post.

    Why was your name on the filing?

  3. I’ll take Gentlemen’s bets that the the kook Board will be reversed and the referendum will be on the ballot …. and further that the referendum will pass.

    Bye Bye rotten township.

    Lutzow should be ashamed of his porcine self.

    His swollen up face is a good match for the Creature of the Black Lagoon, which like Lutzow is a mouth breather when not using his gills.

    Ms Lukasik, the mentally challenged Clerk, appeared at the last hearing with a stained blouse.


    Remember when you are on Zoom you can see a lot close up.

    Nice language, too, Ms Lukasik.

    Trustee Shea was napping throughout most of the hearing.

    He also admitted he had made up his frail mind long before the hearing terminated.

    What do expect from crooked township officials.

    I guess ‘crooked township officials’ is a gross redundancy.

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