From the Desk of John Lopez: “Multiracial Whiteness”

Mike Garcia
Burgess Owens

New Leftist Attempt to Cancel People of Color Who Are Not Democrats

Just in time for the weekend and holiday where we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose date of birth was January 15, 1929, who was clearly gifted from God to unite all Americans for the inclusion for all men and women of the United States, the Left attempts to perpetuate division in our country.

Late last week on the 15th, Cristina Beltrán, an associate professor of social culture and analysis from NYU, unleashed a new term that would bring Dr. King to turn away from our country in shame.

Here’s a sample of what Beltrán wrote:

“America’s racial divide is not simply between Whites and non-Whites. Thinking in terms of multiracial whiteness helps us recognize that much of today’s political rift is a division between those who are drawn to and remain invested in a politics of whiteness and those who seek something better.”

Cristina Beltrán, “To understand Trump’s support, we must think in terms of multiracial Whiteness”, The Washington Post, 1/15/21


Beltrán unleashed the “cancel culture” attempt to negate the advancement of people of color who are not in lock-step with the Democratic Leftist ungodly means of “seek something better” as “multiracial whiteness”.

Reading her opinion column this morning published Friday night in The Washington Post and likely other publications, I felt both sadness and anger, at the way this Latina woman tries to dismiss an Hispanic like me, and many others.

As Dr. King taught, which he learned from the Scriptures, I don’t condemn Beltrán, she’s simply wrong and I pray God gets through to her with the truth.

Clearly alarmed by the significant jump in the number of Latino voters who cast ballots for President Trump in November, she tries to offset those gains by pointing out the success of black organizers in Georgia to elect two Democrats to the U.S. Senate earlier this month.

Beltrán left out the fact a significant number of traditionally Republican households stayed home and did not vote in the Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs.

She also left out the fact more men and women of color were elected to the House of Representatives AND flipped Democrat seats. Here are two examples:

  • Congressman Mike Garcia (R, CA-25) began 2020 snubbed by the National Republicans, but backed locally in southern California to qualify for the special election in May and the General Election in November over the preferred National Republican candidate, a former 2-term congressman. Garcia flipped the open seat in May and won reelection in November.
  • Congressman Burgess Owens (R, UT-04), who flipped the congressional seat and showed even at 69, one can win their first term in Congress.

With Mike Garcia, National Republicans’ choice was not backed by the local Republicans of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, who saw Garcia as the better congressional candidate than House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, CA-23). Garcia’s quiet humility is something not many in Congress practice, and it is respected by the voters in his district who elected him twice.

On Burgess Owens, I’m old enough to remember Owens when he played in the National Football League with the New York Jets, and being part of the Oakland Raiders winning the 1981 Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl XV winning team was also the first time an Hispanic head coach (Tom Flores) and an Hispanic starting quarterback (Jim Plunkett, who played college football across the bay at Stanford where he won the Heisman Trophy) teamed up to win the Super Bowl.

Flores and Plunkett repeated the feat 3 years later in Super Bowl XVIII, though Owens had retired by then.

Maria Elvira Salazar
Byron Donalds

Let’s talk about more non-Democratic people of color success stories for 2020 which Beltrán also omitted:

  • Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar (R, FL-27) who flipped the seat held by former Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala in south Florida, that was rated “Likely Democrat” by the major ratings services.
  • Congressman Byron Donalds (R, FL-19), who won a 9-way Republican primary in a heavily Republican district and without the support of the likes of Senator Marco Rubio (R, FL) by 774 votes and in spite of making mistakes early in life, gained redemption from God, and was rewarded by the voters.

The four mentioned are just for starters, there are plenty more who succeeded in 2020 because their success was precisely what Dr. King highlighted in all of his messages, love.

Love transcends the past, as God’s Word is clear, including perfect love casting out fear, and the greatest, between faith, hope and love, is love.

Light in dark places, and judging people NOT by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, were also taught by Dr. King and rooted in his overall message of love.

How Beltrán and to a great degree, the Left are trying to cancel what men and women of color are achieving, trying to portray people like me as 21st Century “Uncle Tom” minorities is an abomination let alone a lie.

Darlene Swaffar
Catalina Lauf

Quite frankly, there are many more outstanding candidates who happen to be racial/ethnic minorities, including:

  • Darlene Swaffar, who’s 9th great uncle was founding father Benjamin Franklin and her 6th great grandfather fought in the War of 1812 and whose mother was from Puerto Rico grew up in the drug infested Barrios of Brooklyn of the late 1970s and early 80s with American opportunity moved to south Florida, started an insurance small business 27 years ago and there’s no better expert on healthcare. She ran unsuccessfully for Congress in FL-22 and is weighing a bid next year.
  • Anna Paulina Luna of St. Petersburg, FL, who won the Republican nomination for FL-13 last year in a crowded field, weighing another run next year.
  • Kimberly Klacik of Baltimore, MD-07, who addressed the Republican National Convention last summer and is already running again next year.
  • McHenry County’s hometown candidate, Catalina Lauf, who ran for IL-14 and has displayed her start-up business skills with the success of her Defense of Freedom PAC. What Lauf’s next political step remains to be seen.

There are plenty of Americans, real God-fearing men and women who happen to be of color, who are not fooled by the politics of the Left believing government can solve our nation’s problems. We believe individuals with the opportunity to choose to make the best choices for their lives will make our communities better.

This frightens the Left like Beltrán to try and cancel us out.

But here’s the truth why the Left will fail, and it’s something my father told me when he ran successfully in a predominately white district in the 1980s – there’s no novelty about one’s ethnicity and it never came up [in his race]. What’s important is your knowledge of the community issues and your ability to work them in the public’s interest which will resonate with voters.

The entire piece from Beltrán can be viewed here.


From the Desk of John Lopez: “Multiracial Whiteness” — 15 Comments

  1. Proof that the DEMOCRATS were, are, and always have been the RACISTS they accuse Conservatives of being.

    The DEMS are in the all consuming grips of full blown paranoia, so
    grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage, the show is about to get very interesting
    as the mass insanity of the DEMS continues . . .

  2. This remark was made by Joe Biden last year to a Black radio host, Charlamagne and his primarily African American audience:

    “If you’ve got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.”

    He has made a number of other racist comments over the years.

  3. If you guys haven’t figured it out already, the communist virtue signalling and accusations of “white supremacy” to their opponents are simply a tactic to mislead everyone and shut down all opposition.

    It’s all made-up.

    People fall for it because they are afraid to object when someone calls them a “racist” or “white supremacist” because they don’t know how to handle those things and become afraid.

    The mainstream media is using and encouraging this tactic to sensationalize a situation that doesn’t really exist, manufacture hate, create violence, etc.

    Day after day we are seeing new evidence that the more people at the Capitol were crisis actors and agent provocateurs who have also tried to escalate situations as Antifa and BLM protests as well.

    Mainstream media won’t tell you this because they have a narrative to push about some growing threat of “white supremacy”.

    But to them, “white supremacists” are simply a nickname for those who refuse to be controlled and it doesn’t even matter if they aren’t white.

  4. say what ?

    MLK never happened in our history just like the powder wiggers never landed here and there are no indians here either…

  5. Racist, misogynist, conformist, anti science, anti humanist, classist Liberals and Establishment…

    Please don’t underestimate or marginalize the power of extreme ignorance and intellectual poverty.

    These ignorant backward people now outnumber those with educations and intelligence.

    The last redoubt of a failed argument is violence.

    There is no argument with the fabulously ignorant, unintelligent and sold out.

    What is the path forward as a Free Society when this sort of insanity is actually published as a serious idea?

    Is there any possible way to educate or even discuss ideas with someone who takes this kind of backward mouth breather horror as anything more than an example of anti brotherhood Evil?

    Hitler is a favourite epithet to hurl at those who stand as the “other” idea.

    It’s meant to shut down opposition to an argument.

    This sort of idea is exactly what the Reich furthered.

    The extraordinary tone deafness one would need to read this and not be sick to your stomach over it’s overtly racist notes is beyond reason.

    On the very day we celebrate the man who desired judgement by character over color(by extension any superficial identifier which is owned by birth rather than learned) this sickness is published.

    Lord help the nihilist goofs who think this will be tolerated by people of conscience anywhere.


    Sick sick sick awful people…

    And they openly wonder why civilized people cannot stomach them any longer.

    This cannot end well.

    God help us.

    They actually think Trump has anything to do with it.

  6. This seems like as good of a place as any to wish everyone a happy Robert E Lee Day.

  7. If I was sitting in the Chinese Army’s leadership’s auditorium watching all this, I’d be laughing and trying to figure out how long America had before it could be easily occupied.

  8. Not to worry about China.

    The brilliant Pelosi put goofball US Rep Eric Swalwell on the House Homeland Security Committee.

    Eric knows a Chinese spy very well.

    “WASHINGTON — Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell is joining the House Committee on Homeland Security one month after it was revealed he was targeted by a suspected Chinese spy.

    The California lawmaker — who was revealed to have been duped by a Chinese honey-trap spy who cozied to him and other pols in a bid to infiltrate the US political system — announced his appointment back onto the sensitive post in a tweet on Friday afternoon.”

  9. MLK! BS!

    Finally, the “salacious material”—all of it true—included not only adultery at the level of actual orgies, but at least one reported rape.

    The embarrassing FBI records that were sealed by a judge for 50 years in 1977 will be released in five years. (They’re not the kind of thing that could be declassified by Trump, although weirdly, some the most scandalous revelations of King’s conduct came out serendipitously when Trump released some JFK material in 2017.)

  10. You are to vilified.

    Then dispossessed.

    Then liquidated.

    Do you think these monsters will be satisfied with beheading Trump?

  11. Creosote King,

    MLK Jr. was a man like any other.

    A weak man, but a martyr in the end.

    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what he did or didn’t do.

    It’s easy to judge him, but you cannot deny his influence.

    Did he deserve a holiday?

    Probably not.

    Time goes on, but don’t judge MLK.

    Just know that the whole civil rights movement was a sham and a lie and politicians are still using it to divide the nation.

  12. “multiracial whiteness”

    Not surprising coming from the people who have given us the wonders of gender theory.

    To sum it all up, being white isn’t a race, it just means disagreeing with the democrats.

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