Pritzker Puts Prisoners’ Vaccine Priority Ahead of Seniors’

From the WICA-TV reporter Mark Maxwell:

This puts prisoners in the same category as teachers, soldiers, police, and firefighters and ahead of those with with heart conditions, COPD, kidney failure, and cancer.

Local State senator Dan McConchie is quoted:

“I was shocked, frankly,” Senate Minority Leader Dan McConchie (R-Hawthorn Woods) said. “What the governor has been talking this entire time about his priority of saving lives; and yet in this case, he is prioritizing trying to decrease transmission over really decreasing mortality.”

“A 20-year-old convicted murderer who is going to be spending life in prison is going to get the vaccine faster than people who are on the outside — law abiding citizens,” McConchie said. “Not only do I think that’s wrong, I think it’s immoral.”

“This is something that really goes against the not only CDC guidelines, but really the plethora of medical science out there,” McConchie said.

The story notes this rationale:

The transmission and infection rate inside state-run prisons is much higher than in the civilian population. Roughly one in 12 people in Illinois (8.46%) have tested positive for COVID-19, while more than one in four inmates (27%) have come down with the virus.


Pritzker Puts Prisoners’ Vaccine Priority Ahead of Seniors’ — 22 Comments

  1. Prioritizing convicts over taxpayers, typical Illinois idiocy, next will be illegals ahead of citizens.

  2. Using an experimental vaccine on prisoners as Guinea Pigs.

    An excellent idea borrowed from Chinese and Russian Gulags.

  3. Once again using Blacks as the experimental guinea pigs for the advancement of Science…who exactly do you think makes up the vast vast vast majority of Prison population in this State?

    Blacks—so Blacks go first and if theres problems later down the road with this early vaccine, they get it first and we learn from them.

    Not so great to be Black in Illinois.

    Pritzker Prison Vaccine Program now the new Tuskegee Legacy Project, where the govt injected syphillis into Black males and did not treat them to see how bad it could get…

    Which went on through 1972.

    Just shameful on every level Jellybelly Pritzker–that Prisoners go first, and Prisoners are mainly Black.

  4. Your headline doesn’t match the article or the facts.

    Seniors are in phase 1b, along with essential workers and those who are incarcerated.

  5. Who cares what matches what?

    Illinois is going down the shitter at warp speed.

    No cash bail will be a real treat

  6. **Although kim fox has been doing that anyway**

    I know facts are not liked around here, but Kim Foxx doesn’t set bail.

    Good try though.

  7. There’s ol Fred Flintstone being stupid once again…


    get me some hot dogs…

  8. Come on Alabama, you gotta keep up, your BS is growing

    Although prosecutors don’t set bail, they can play a vital role in changing bail practices because their recommendations are one of the most significant factors affecting whether bail is set and in what amount.

  9. Actually I kind of like this idea.

    How about, prisoners, politicians and pharmaceutical company executives are group 1a, then after we see the results we can move on.

  10. I should add that the three of them being in a group together would be very fitting as well.

    It would actually be kind of hard to tell the difference.

  11. ** Just passing on what the reporter said.**

    Cal – what the reporter said (at least in the screenshot you posted) doesn’t support your headline.

  12. ** Come on Alabama, you gotta keep up, your BS is growing**

    Again, Kim Foxx doesn’t set bail. Judges do.

    And Chief Judge Timothy Evans is the one that has moved the changes to how bail is set in Cook County.

    Blame Kim Foxx all you want.

    But the decisions (and policy) lie with the judges.

  13. Maxwell is wrong in the article.

    This is the most updated vaccine plan for 1b in Illinois.

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