Sunday at the State Capitol

From State Rep. Kelly Cassidy tweet:

Plywood over first floor windows,
The northwest corner of the Capitol.
A National Guard truck.
“Il Law Prohibits Open Carry of Firearms.”
Soldiers in the snow on Sunday from BlueRoomStream.


Sunday at the State Capitol — 10 Comments

  1. Ah, the paranoia has finally set in and the DEMOCRATS are scared to (of) death.

    Perhaps we should have the National Guard vet the FBI, just a thought.

  2. What is this Kent State all over again?

    Weekend Warriors are going to shoot to kill neighbors, fellow citizens in Springfield?

    Shame on this State.

    Scaring residents into submission and no one has as much thrown a rock.

    Where were these Warriors when cities in Illinois last summer were Actually being burned, looted, its citizens mugged and beaten–on multiple occasions?

    Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, Elgin, Naperville?

    You all watched on local TV as it happened, and no Guard were insight anywhere and Cops ordered by Lightfoot to stand down…

    Governor or Mayors never called out the Guard when it was real.

    And if they did, they came too late, in too little number of them and not armed to the teeth like now.

    Welcome to the Dems worldview of things.

    YOu’re gonna love it–wait until they get hold of the Economy and gas prices, jobs, energy, civil rights, immigration and reparations.

    You’ll pay for it all.

  3. Didn’t Abe Lincoln want blacks repatriated back to Africa, as President Monroe actually did do?

  4. I am extending an invitation to Creosote King to join me fir Shabbat dinner.

    What do you say CK?

  5. Fake crisis.

    Also, the incoming Biden administration is looking remarkably like a dictatorship that’s looking to strip more rights from the nation.

  6. You can come too GP, I’m buying.

    We can discuss politics, religion, white guys with guns (including Jews), Israeli wars, news articles and any other subject you guys desire.

    Let me know if you are in.

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