The 1973 Debate on Designating Martin Luther King’s Birthday a Commemorative Holiday

With public employees being off work today, I thought it might be interesint to share the House floor debate on the passage of State Rep. Harold Washington’s bill to selected Martin Luther King’s birthday as a commemorative holiday.

Below are seventeen pages of transcripts on the bill that passed 114-15.

Tomorrow, some text from a bill’s debate held the next day to impose a small additional sales tax on Illinois mined coal and gravel.

A far Downstate legislator was not happy with “you black boys” who were not supporting the bill.


The 1973 Debate on Designating Martin Luther King’s Birthday a Commemorative Holiday — 11 Comments

  1. This is a disgrace! There are five important aspects of Martin Luther King’s career: 1) his Communist Party activities; 2) the violence that always erupted in a King demonstration; 3) his plagiarism; 4) his sexual pathology; 5) his pagan beliefs.

  2. Liberals assassinated MLK Jr.

    LBJ’s regime, specifically.

    LBJ was the scourge of the nation and he destroyed the black family and now his politics destroy everyone.

    He was far more useful to the Democrats dead than alive.

    He might have brought people together where they seek to divide.

    You get it now?

    It’s no different than today where they are calling Trump supporters “white supremacists” and other such nonsense for power, control, hate, anger.

    Or peddling garbage like BLM.

    Anyone who supports this evil has a special spot reserved in hell.

  3. Hmmm.

    I love reading these troll comments, and then reading Lopez’s article about how Republicans embrace diversity.

    It would make me laugh if it were not so tragic.

  4. It’s only a “troll comment” if it’s offensive.

    Doesn’t even matter if it’s true.

    “M” only cares about what’s nice, not what’s true.

    By the way: “M” is a Fritz Lang film about a child killer.

  5. M is your name short for ‘mongrel’?



    ‘Mud shark’?

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