Catalina Lauf Reflects on Last Four Years on Inauguration Eve

Catalina Lauf

With Congressmen Adam Kinzinger (R, IL-16) and Sean Casten (D, IL-06) giving assessments of Republicans and the Trump years, time to hear from a McHenry County voice

With less than 24 hours remaining in the Presidency of Donald J. Trump and in the echo chamber of Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Sean Casten giving their assessments about our country and the Republican Party, former IL-14 Republican candidate Catalina Lauf, who is executive director of the Defense of Freedom PAC, posted the following on her Instagram which is very insightful and far more mature than the two Illinois congressmen:

“If the last 4 years taught us anything it’s this: prior to 2016, the majority of Americans (Republicans and Democrats alike) did not feel heard.

“Growing up in the heart of the rural Midwest I saw this struggle first-hand. Americans had been forgotten. Jobs had been outsourced, small-businesses and companies over-regulated, illegal immigrants were put before Americans. The economy was in its worst shape, we Americans overtaxed. Our veterans weren’t cared for. Government became bigger, individual control, smaller. Our fights abroad continued, and we had a President (Obama) who bowed down to the rest of the world as his own Country weakened.

“And then came our hope.

“I supported President Trump in the Republican primary in 2016 — why? Because he and the America First agenda embodied everything this Country was missing in a leader —yet everything we Americans were craving in one.

“A backbone.


“And someone who wasn’t afraid to put our Country and her people first.

“The America First agenda, the movement, is about preserving our free-enterprise system, defending our God given individual liberties written in our founding documents.

“It stands for having an unapologetic love for our Country and everything she stands for.

“It’s peace through strength.

“Delivering for ALL Americans and preserving the American Dream no matter who you are or where you come from.

“Love him or hate him —President Trump delivered that in just four years and despite what the media will tell you — was able to unite more Americans than ever before.

“We had historic low unemployment rates for all races, a booming economy, brought home troops, and regained our strength in the eyes of the world.

“Despite a new Administration coming in tomorrow, I want you all to know: the America First Agenda is not going anywhere.

“It is only the beginning. Forgotten No More.” 

Catalina Lauf Instagram post 1/19/21


Information about the Defense of Freedom PAC can be viewed here.


Catalina Lauf Reflects on Last Four Years on Inauguration Eve — 8 Comments

  1. And where is the Milquetoast man today ?

    If only we could have had Ms. Lauf as our rep . . .

  2. Trump not only defeated the establishment in 2016.

    He got 74 million votes for a second term.

    Then, he defiantly refused to recognize that his defeat was fairly accomplished.

    Trump is hated because he will not play the role the left has assigned to him in its historic morality play, in which the left is always the triumphant star.

    The Washington Post is now demanding that the trial, conviction and expulsion of Trump from the presidency begin before Joe Biden takes the oath in five days.

    This is a familiar mindset: the spirit of the lynch mob.

    No time for evidence.

    No need for a trial where both sides can be heard.

    No need for reflection.

    Just declare him guilty and hang him.

  3. America First agenda—please run again Catalina, I’ll support you any way I can.

    The likes of Underwood and Casten as this area’s representatives should be an insult–do nothing apologists who only follow Identity Politics.

  4. Yes, we heard from President Trump’s supporters on January 6th, in a manner never heard from by Americans before.

    Makes you proud to be an American.

    And I believe Mr. Biden will take the oath of office tomorrow, the 20th, not 5 days from now.

    Can’t make this stuff up, folks.

  5. I hope she runs again.

    Milkman losing by 1% was a disgrace.

    She’s exactly who we need

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