2017 Inauguration Day Protests

Donald Trmp’s swearing in. (From the video below.)

Just released and found on Legal Insurrection:

The image above was not what I posted.

The video features the protests in Washington four years ago.

Protestor is interviewed.
“Yes We Can Live in Peace, Code Pink.”

Really dangerous video.


2017 Inauguration Day Protests — 17 Comments

  1. Re: The restricted video below.

    This MUST be watched NOW before CommieTube pulls it down.

    This is what the DEMOCRATS have in store for America under Beijing Biden.

    This is the DEMOCRATS idea of “unity”, capitulation really.

    There will be no end to the madness without a bloody CW, this is clear.

    We must prepare to protect ourselves and our families for the inevitable coming our way.

    We are now in a struggle for our lives, Liberty and country.

    May God help us all.

  2. This morning Trump already took credit for the successful Biden/Harris administration. Don’t worry. We’re good. He said the stock market would crash if Biden was elected.

    It didn’t.

    Trump is a dumb a$$ and so are you for believing his lies.

    You all are dumb dumb dumb brainwashed dumb a$$es.

    But you’re too dumb to realize you are dumb.

    Peace out dummies!!!!!

  3. Calling for a bloody civil war.

    What a patriot.

    What a healthy, happy, well-adjusted individual.


    So last night Trump revoked his order his signed 4 years ago on ethics he signed when he first took office.

    He claimed to do it to “drain the swamp.”

    Trumpers cheered!!!!

    Well now we find out the real reason he signed that order.

    It was done to punish people who served in the Obama administration to get high paying lobbyist jobs.

    Last night he revoked the order to allow people who served in his administration to get those lobbying job.


  5. I almost choked on my coffee, reading Oh’s comment, lol.

    You must be playing Swamp Pond Chess too.

    Rush Limbaugh was right in his comment yesterday, Biden & the Democrats are just like Wile E Coyote, they will blow themselves up, they always do.

    Welcome to Looney Tunes Oh !

  6. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr sworn in. Will he be able to read his entire speech from the teleprompter without flubs?

    He mentioned Abraham Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation. But, he did not tell Americans that it was his Party, the Democrat Party in the U.S. Congress that vigorously fought Republican President Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves. The slaves would not have been freed if the Democrats had prevailed.

    Much needs to be done in the coming months. Such as the continuation of investigation of Biden’s son Hunter’s connection with China. Joe’s connection as well.

    What about Tara Reede, Joe Biden’s former Senate aid that said that Joe raped her? How will that be investigated? Will Hillary Clinton get involved on behalf of Tara Reede. Hillary very strongly had said some time ago that all, ALL womens’ claims of rape and harassment MUST be heard and investigated.

  7. What? Ohon calling other people dumb? She says:

    “You all are dumb dumb dumb brainwashed dumb a$$es.”

    Well, well, well. Left wingers such as Katie Curic and Eugene Robinson of MSNBC and WAPO are calling for deprogramming. This is what the brilliant Eugene said recently on MSNBC regarding millions of whites:

    “There are millions of Americans, uh, uh, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow uh need to be deprogrammed. They’re it its as if they that they they’re members of a cult. A Trumpist cult. Uh and, and they have to be deprogrammed.”

  8. Biden said today, “We must end this uncivil war”.

    If he were honest – which he is not – he would have acknowledged that it was HIS Democrat Party that started the ongoing war. The war against Trump started back in July, 2016 with the phony Trump Dosier which was authorized by Hillary Clinton. From that time through 2020, the Democrats along with their shills in the mostly left wing media did many things to try to destroy Trump. The phony Russia collusion and the Mueller long, long investigation that found no collusion, a phony impeachment for a legitimate call to the Ukraine President, lying to the FISA Court by Obama deep state thugs to spy on the 2016 Trump campaign and then their continued spying on the Trump Admin, unmasking of Trump Administration officials by Obama thugs, four years of trying to destroy Michael Flynn and on and on.

    Will all who tried to destroy Trump and his Administration be brought to justice? Will we ever see the results of the John Durham Investigation?

  9. Quit crying bred winner.

    Four years of crying is enough.

    Give it up.

    It’s always been such bad look for the fake tough guy crowd. Time to come together and support this new administration.

    Now that Trump is gone, it’s time for Oh to retire from these boards.

    Hopefully Cal and Lopez can clean this place up and get rid of the racists commenters.

    Maybe someone else will call out the lies and BS that get pushed on this site.

    My work here is done.


  10. The DEMOCRATS (Hillary) cried Trump stole the election for four years and tried
    every dirty trick they could dream up to hound POTUS 24/7, this is FACT.

    A FACT that Oh and his fellow travelers find so inconvenient, and now
    Beijing Biden calls for “unity” while calling 75M + Conservative Trump voters
    “White Supremists” and “Domestic Terrorists”, not a chance in Hell that we’ll go along with
    that deranged plan, now or ever.

  11. HonestAbe1

    I believe Hillary Clinton conceded the day after the election in November, 2016.


    More than two and a half months in and with a new President inaugurated and we are still awaiting a concession speech from Mr. Trump.

    Although I assume “getting the hell out of Dodge” is a concession of sorts.

  12. The dishonest, lying, incompetent (Benghazi and top secret emails) Hillary Clinton was the root cause of the phony Russia Collusion hoax and the unnecessary Mueller investigation. In her twisted brain, she thought she was entitled to be president just because she was the wife of a former president.

    Almost 3 years after Joe Biden confirmed Trump as the President per the Electoral College in Jan of 2017, Hillary Clinton in October, 2019, on the tv show, The View, said that Trump is an illegitimate president.

    “I do think that [Trump] knows that he’s an illegitimate president.”


  13. HonestAbe1

    To quote you: “The DEMOCRATS (Hillary) cried Trump stole the election for four years and tried every dirty trick they could dream up to hound POTUS 24/7, this is FACT.”

    And what you support that contention with is one equivocal statement from The View over 2 and a half years after conceding the election ?

    This equates to four years of crying and trying every dirty trick ?

  14. July 6, 2016, the Bureau director Comey was on national tv going over all of the reckless conduct of Hillary in her emails of not protecting highly classified US information and secrets. Anybody watching his detailed information thought, wow, she will be arrested and in chains. But, no. He let her go. No charges. Even though Americans who, without evil intent, but just a lapse of memory or one instant of stupidity regarding classified info had been prosecuted and went to jail.

    Very curious in that days earlier, June 27th, Hillary’s husband Bill, met with US AG Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of an AZ airport. Their airplanes just HAPPENED to be parked close together and Bill went to chat with Loretta. This was just 9 days before Comey let Hillary off the hook.

    The nation has endured 30+ years of the shenanigans of Bill and Hillary.

  15. bred winner

    Well, it seems you desire to delve further into the law.

    Can you cite the provision of federal law that Hillary Clinton violated ?

    And can you cite the federal prosecutions of individuals charged with negligently handling classified information ?

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