FBI Billboards

FBI Billboars.

If anyone sees a billboard like this in the Chicago area, please send a photo, if possible, or the location.


FBI Billboards — 10 Comments

  1. So where was the esteemed FBI last year when cities and businesses
    were set ablaze, looted and destroyed ?

    When Trump innocent citizens were violently attacked and killed ?

    Countless millions of dollars of damage, jobs gone and businesses demolished.

    Now we know what it takes for the FBI to investigate wanton lawlessness,
    but only when it affects the DEMOCRAT swamp dwellers.

    Nobody hates like DEMOCRATS hate, or embrace violence like the DEMOCRATS do.

  2. Don’t forget that just like Germany in the 30’s and 40’s it was “cool” to rat on anyone.

    Welcome to 1940.

  3. Comey should be in prison or hanged.

    Big Brother FBI.

    Do not talk to them EVER.

    They are riddled with communists.

    Just ask General Flynn

  4. Remember the guy named Peter Strzok and his girlfriend in the bureau who back in 2016 had an Insurance Policy in the event that Trump was elected? And their boss, Andy, who was fired? Insurance Policy was what? Trump Dosier, FISA court abuse and endless Mueller investigations.

    Did the bureau screw up the Boston marathon terrorist attack? What about Parkland FL?

  5. Tri-State tollway southbound, south of I-90

    My passenger, and myself were in disbelief when we saw it.

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