Trump Pardons Former GOP Aspirant for State Senate

One of the final pardons of President Donald Trump is Brian Urlacher, mayor of Mettawa.

Martin McLaughlin

Urlacher has been charged with being a sports betting an agent for an illegal operation in the Chicago area.

The Chicago Tribune implies that his brother Brian intervened with the President.

He faced up to ten years in prison, if convicted.

Urlacher was only one of over 140 granted pardons of clemancy during Trump’s last hours as President.

The Tribune reports,

The retired football star has contributed a total of $6,125 to Trump’s campaign accounts, with the first donation coming four days after his brother was charged.

The young Urlacher ran against Dan McConchie and Marty McLaughlin in 2016, carrying McHenry County.

Dan McConchie’s tallies show him leading Casey Urlacher and Marty McLaughlin.


Trump Pardons Former GOP Aspirant for State Senate — 4 Comments

  1. Not as much as the Clinton’s did with Mark Rich, and certainly not as much as Obongo did with Jonathon Pollard.

  2. Way ta go Mozilla! Nice job putting that other goon in his place.

  3. Did the Chinese Communist Party compromised Mitch McConnell blackmail Trump onto not pardoning Assange and Snowden, respectively the Australian journalist who exposed Hillary’s emails and Clinton Foundation crimes and the Deep State rebel who proved Clapper lied to Congress about US GOVT not spying on US citizens and going through all phone calls.

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