UPDATED IL-14: Lauren Underwood No Longer Serving on Homeland Security, Education and Labor Committees

Lauren Underwood

After being named a Homeland Security subcommittee chair in late September, Underwood no longer on House panel overseeing CISA, as well as committee to oversee PRO Act

Last fall when McHenry County Blog published its article concerning Congresswoman Lauren Underwood (D, IL-14) being named a subcommittee chair on the House Homeland Security Committee, I pointed out several observations including the following:

“While Underwood’s elevation to a subcommittee chair was out of necessity, one cannot see the timing, within 40 days of the November election, to coincide with Underwood’s reelection campaign as well as prepare her for the usually vigorous Chicago Tribune editorial endorsement interview.

“Underwood, along with Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small (D, NM-02) and Congressman Max Rose (D, NY-11), is one of three first term committee members elevated to chair a subcommittee. Both Torres Small and Rose face tough fights for reelection, and this promotion would betray the contest between Underwood and Republican Jim Oberweis is not settled, either.

John Lopez, “Lauren Underwood Named Subcommittee Chair on House Homeland Security Committee”, McHenry County Blog, 9/25/20 with emphasis added


As the election turned out, Underwood narrowly won reelection over Republican Jim Oberweis by less than 2 percentage points. Additionally, both Xochitl Torres Small and Max Rose lost their reelection bids in their respective districts.

Here’s another reminder of the fanfare Underwood received:

This past Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, CA-12) announced the final assignments to the 117th Congress House Homeland Security Committee (HSC), and combined with the Democrats listed at the HSC website, the 18-member Democratic majority for HSC no longer includes Underwood.

As announced a month ago today, Underwood was nominated to serve on the very prestigious House Appropriations Committee, which would raise her House committee assignments to four, instead of the standard three.

Thursday’s announcement by Pelosi included Underwood serving her 2nd term on the House Veterans Affairs Committee.


UPDATE 1/20/21: Thanks to tweet this morning from the Congress Changes Twitter BOT, it was documented Congresswoman Underwood will no longer serve on the Education & Labor Committee (ELC) in the 117th Congress.


So to balance Underwood’s committee assignments, her HSC and ELC assignments had to go, given her Appropriations Committee assignment is much higher profile.

Losing her HSC assignment means she lost her subcommittee gavel as a chairwoman.

The new Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Rosa De Lauro (D, CT-03) has not yet announced the assignments to the 12 Appropriations subcommittees, so a very outside chance Underwood may be named a subcommittee chair.

The two most likely subcommittee assignments given Underwood’s work in the 116th Congress are:

  • Homeland Security
  • Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies

The latter subcommittee was chaired by De Lauro so it will need a new chair. The next in seniority on the Labor Subcommittee currently chairs the Homeland Security Subcommittee, so De Lauro could choose to rotate some of the subcommittee chairs and create a potential higher profile opening for a 2-termer like Underwood to fill.

However, unlike HSC, where seniority clearly did not rule subcommittee chairmanships, the Appropriations Committee is steeped in the seniority tradition, so not likely Underwood will wield a subcommittee gavel anytime soon on the Appropriations Committee.

It will be Chairwoman De Lauro’s call, with coordination of the Speaker and House Democratic Caucus, chaired by Hakeem Jeffries (D, NY-08).


UPDATED IL-14: Lauren Underwood No Longer Serving on Homeland Security, Education and Labor Committees — 11 Comments

  1. has anyone ever tried to talk to anyone in Underwoods office?

    she has 3 local offices all with the same Phone number and a recording will answer your call, they will not get back to you …

    this my friends is your Tax dollars at work

  2. She is pure filth and wallows in it.

    And she wants to drag us into her own filthy lifestyle, too.

  3. Underwood is incompetent.

    Another traitor who believes in “BLACK LICE MATTER”

  4. ah yes she has served alright the ‘sea hag’ very well…


  5. There is something seriously wrong with her.

    I’ve personally spoken to her twice, each for about 2 minutes.

    Meeting 1 was about the VA, 2nd: about Big Tech.

    Both meetings were during campaign periods, Sept. ‘19; Oct. ‘20

    There were other people standing around us waiting to speak to the great Princess, so not private meetings by any means.

    She was quite at sea about VA matters, and was hostile, two years later when I suggested Big Tech, like Facebook, Apple, Google and Twitter, were censoring people, saying I was “misinformed” and ‘an alarmist.”

    She was really haughty the second mtg.

    Both times she had 3 staffers, all men, hovering around her.

    The handlers were different each year.

    She was quite dismissive when I answered I was a ‘Libertarian’ when she said ‘You must be a Republican.”

  6. Few high ranking American military officers can be unaware that the cheap labor lobby has destroyed opportunities for young people in America on an epic scale for decades.

    One trip to their home towns is enough to show these carefully vetted poodlesthat we are descending to third world level at breakneck speed.

    The Middle Class sees it, especially small business owners.

    The woman Air Force vet the the simian capitol police gunned down on Janury 6th, is but one example.

    No band-aid peanuts stimulus check or even a MSM propaganda blitz will help.

    Corporate giants will find a way to send work out or bring foreign workers in anyway.

    The traitor class has the courts, media and almost all the police and army on its side.

    A serious subversive might look at the working class and see a possible weapon.

    Things might get interesting.

  7. Re opportunities for young people. They should pursue Bachelor of Communication, Diversity or Inclusion. Very useful. President Joe Robinette would support these and he will pay off college loans.

  8. What is there to be proud about that she won just 2% of the cheating vote just like all the other polls showed… which is virtually impossible!

    anyone with a brain would see that…

    I see nothing to be proud of here for buckwheat other than they got away with it, well Karma is a real…

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