Dan McConchie Critical of Trump Pardon for Former GOP Primary Opponent Casey Urlacher

Dan McConchie

From Capitol Fax comes this comment from State Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie:

“I frankly don’t understand why President Trump would pardon someone who has yet to be convicted of a crime, except when it’s in the national interest.

“Pardons should be done on the merits of the case, not based on a relationship with the President.

“This sort of practice undermines the public’s faith in our system.

“We’re supposed to be a nation of laws, not one based on people getting benefits just because of who they know.”

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Urlacher came in second in the 2016 Republican Primary Election, carrying McHenry County.

Dan McConchie’s tallies show him leading Casey Urlacher and Marty McLaughlin.


Dan McConchie Critical of Trump Pardon for Former GOP Primary Opponent Casey Urlacher — 11 Comments

  1. McConchie is going to need a pardon himself in the not so distant future!

    I do criticize Trump for not pardoning Assange or the Capitol protestors who weren’t Antifa false flag plants.

    And I really hate that Trump pardoned this scum:

    Aviem Sella – President Trump granted a full pardon to Aviem Sella. Mr. Sella is an Israeli citizen who was indicted in 1986 for espionage in relation to the Jonathan Pollard case. Mr. Sella’s request for clemency is supported by the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer, the United States Ambassador to Israel and sinister Zionist David Friedman, and Miriam Adelson. The State of Israel has issued a full and unequivocal apology, and has requested the pardon in order to close this horrific chapter in U.S.-Israel relations. Now the Israeli spying and treachery is completely normalized under the Bush, Clinton, Obama and Trump misadministrations.

  2. Doctor – I too wish Assange and Snowden would have received a pardon.

  3. I too am thoroughly disappointed that Trump did not pardon Assange and Snowden.

    Particularly after he so enthusiastically boasted of wiki-leaks work in his campaign for 2016.

  4. Trump could have left on a very high note pardoning Snowden and Assange, but he was afraid for for his own skin and made a sh!tdeal with the Deep State troll McConnell to wreck the Senate impeachment IF Assange and Snowden didn’t get their pardons.

    Why does an Australian journalist like Assange who exposed the whole rotten Hillary scam and the Seth Rich murder mean so much?

    Because he showed how rotten the Deep State is.

    The Deep State that planned the whole sickening and criminal coup with Gen Flynn, to take Trump out with a phony Russian hoax.

    And Trump chickened out!

    Just like Sessions said he would.

  5. I should have written ‘with using the Patriot Gen. Flynn as a hapless pigeon against Trump.”

  6. @Paul S., he was threatened by Mitch that if he did, Mitch would openly advocate for impeachment votes.

  7. McConchie can’t worry about Illinois.

    Why worry what Trump did or didn’t do!!!

    That’s all u doing is collecting a pay check like Dan Duffy did

  8. -Trump goofed by not pardoning pro-freedom whistleblowers but rappers, war criminals, inside traders, and the politically corrupt.

    -Not one Trump supporter wanted to see Casey Urlacher pardoned. Nobody at a MAGA rally has ever made that request.

    -Not one person who is insulting Dan is attempting to explain how his criticism of Trump’s pardon to Urlacher is wrong.

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