“It’s Not the End of the Party,” Says the Man Who Did His Best to Elect Sean Casten

Out of the mouth of former Illinois Party Chairman Pat Brady via WLS-TV:

Pat Brady, 2011

“No, it’s not the end of the party,” said Pat Brady, former Illinois Republican Party chairman and political consultant.

“The party is strong, but we need to get back to the issues people care about and become less of a party focused on the personality of one man.”

Beady did start the demonizing of House Speaker Mike Madigan in 2012 while he was Chairman, but cut a commercial attacking Jeanne Ives last year when she ran against Democrat Sean Casten.

Ives, by the way, was one of Madigan’s harshest critics.


“It’s Not the End of the Party,” Says the Man Who Did His Best to Elect Sean Casten — 17 Comments

  1. Brady has a litmus test to wear the “Republican” brand to be electable — must unconditionally support LGBTQ+ rights.

    That was Brady’s biggest beef with Jeanne Ives, and will be his biggest beef with anyone running for high-profile office (statewide or Congress).

    Granted, an openly LGBTQ+ supporter is unlikely to win a Republican primary, but that is immaterial to him.

    It was interesting that Brady stayed out of the 14th District fall campaign last year, given he and Jim Oberweis served together on the State Central Committee during Brady’s years being chairman.

    But, the 14th District not as blue as the 6th District, and he like many others (not me) caught by surprise with how close the 14th was.

  2. blahblahblah talking out the sides of his lips..

    just like Mr. Not My President, crook, cheater who says oh lets get together and then undoes all the good things Trump did… sure…

    we know what you mean Mr. Cheater… !

    fill you pockets is what you want to get back to…

    your samo samo Crap does not fly with the ones who know just exactly who you and your cheatin’ regime are up to…

  3. Scum of the Earth should be adorning a lamp post in the town square as a warning to others
    of similar ilk.

  4. Is Brady being blackmailed too? Like Chief Justice Roberts a fag in Souter’s footprints.

  5. This guy should be drummed out of the Republican Party.

    He can join the Democrats.

  6. 100% correct.

    The end of the Party happened a generation ago.

    And then when Edgar sold out Illinois with deferred pension payments.

    And then when Republicans sold their soul to Rauner for a self funded campaign.

    And then when every last one capitulated their values selling out to anyone with a dollar because who cares the Dems will get blamed.

    Illinois GOP….

    No such thing exists today to “not be the end of” you self deluded boob.

  7. Geographically, Illinois is mainly a Republican Red State EXCEPT for Crook and collar counties.


    What we need in presidential elections as well as elections for governor should be similar to the Electoral College for president. The majority of counties’ votes for president, US Senator, Illinois governor should be determined by what the MAJORITY of counties decide.

    So, a county such as Jo Davies has the same weight as Crook County.

  8. LOL – sure. IL is a red state, if you take out all the Democrats.

    Why should a county with like 22,000 people count the same as a county with over 5 million people?

    Also, you seem to not have a good understanding of how the electoral college works.

    You’re aware that, say, CA (which would be Cook County in your scenario) counts for a lot more than Wyoming (which would be Jo Davies County in your scenario) in the EC, right?

    Are you aware that the Electoral College is decided by the majority of electoral college votes, not the majority of states?

  9. Oh, Racist DALA. It always makes me feel good that people think about me so often.

    Thanks for letting me live rent-free inside your head.

  10. AlabamaShake you don’t live rent free in my head.

    You should stop using Pelosi’s hair potions.

    Those CBD and THC recipes created by Pelosi, make you more twisted than you already are.

  11. Alabama,
    From the idiots who brought you Bill Clinton AN ACTUAL RAPIST. But Trump says “mean things”. Get bent you bootlicking toad

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