Reick Bill Would Move Woodstock Circle Ahead

State Rep. Steve Reick’s first bill–House Bill 185–will allow the City of Woodtock to use condemnation power to purchase property at the interestion of Lake Avenue, E. South Street and S Madison Street.

Woodstock plans a circle intersection here.


Reick Bill Would Move Woodstock Circle Ahead — 11 Comments

  1. Could you explain to us dummies why a bill from Springfield had to be passed in order to do this?

    Why does the state have to be involved?

    Don’t local governments already have eminent domain power and wasn’t that site already approved of by city council?

  2. It is because the city wants quick take condemnation power, which needs to be authorized by law in each case.

  3. Reick is great at figuring out new RINO ways to take property at less than market rates for grand schemes.

  4. Probably looking to condemn the building that the City of Woodstock basically forced Wondertucky Distillery out of.

    Businesses die for a planned roundabout.

    Central planning at its finest.

  5. Eminent domain is abused far too often.

    The family of a childhood friend got badly screwed over when the City of Chicago decided that it wanted their land to build a library.

    After consulting with lawyers, they decided that accepting the City’s lowball offer would be a better financial move than waging a costly legal fight they would be unlikely to win.

    The municipality that uses eminent domain powers to condemn land should be forced to pay a substantial premium over market value to prevent these kind of abuses and to compensate for inconvenience.

  6. The distillery was on the north side of South Street between the tunnel and the 5 way intersection.

  7. Steve Reick is a drunk and RINO. Have you ever watched his DUI police tape?

    Catalina Lauf will easily defeat NeverTrumper Reick in 22.

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