Woman in Nineties Reported Dead of Coronavirus

From the Illinois Department of Public Health comes the report of a Covid-19 death in McHenry County:

  • 1 female 90s


Woman in Nineties Reported Dead of Coronavirus — 10 Comments

  1. Hey, not to minimize anybody’s death, but these reports are primarily old people so why am I supposed to be scared? A daily death of a person in their 80s or 90s should halt everything?

    Isn’t a leaky vaccine scarier? You know, where a vaccine that is reported to not even protect people from the disease itself but the symptoms of the disease, just ends up accelerating harmful mutations that can affect vulnerable populations, as opposed to natural mutations that make a disease less fatal… Oh, you have never heard of that before? Hmm…

    Or whatever I don’t know I guess we’ll see what happens. Maybe lockdown will be over in 2023 or maybe we’ll be more locked down. Some people care and some people don’t. We’ll see, right???

    How can there be no possible change in trajectory for covid cases, as the Biden admin is claiming, when the incubation period is a few weeks and quarantines are for 14 days or 10 days now? How would not changing policy not affect policy outcomes? If we changed now, wouldn’t the infections change a few weeks or a month from now (and especially “several months” from now)? And wouldn’t that, a month or two down the line, affect deaths?

    If masking and social distancing can drop cases and that is to be observable within a few weeks (15 days to flatten the curve), as we have been told for the past year…but now it can’t??? Yes, some of the fatality numbers would be baked in as they say, (for those already infected) but to say there is no possible change in trajectory for “several months” kind of sounds like the Biden administration is just saying “I don’t care and I take no responsibility” which is, ironically, the same thing they criticized Trump for.

    So I’m waiting to see whether things will improve or get worse now that Biden is in. Many people have speculated one or the other. I don’t know anymore. I’ll wait and see. What’s obvious is there is no “plan” from this senile man called Joe Biden.

  2. He inherited the lack of a plan from the previous administration. You can’t turn a cruise ship on a dime overnight. Let’s give him his 100 days and see where we are.

  3. No plan from the guy in office for 5 days, unlike his predecessor who was aware of the problem for roughly a year. Really ?

  4. Slow Joe Biden has shown that he is in a state of mental decline, he is not capable of
    formulating a viable plan, only destroying the workable plan that
    was instituted by Trump – Operation Warp Speed. Slow Joe is nothing more
    than what he has always been – an empty vessel of a man.
    Biden’s plan – Operation Slow Speed.

  5. Biden has done more to screw up the future of
    this country in just a few days time than anyone
    else I can think of.

  6. Nothing more than a continuation of Trump’s plan from the PLAGIARIST In Chief.

  7. Common tactic.

    That’s what these people do.

    They argue in bad faith and then give themselves a pat on the back for “correcting” you.

    But they ignore the major points.

    Of course people like Shake want to nitpick the hyperbole and not address my questions about

    -should we worry about a leaky vaccine?

    -how is the trajectory incapable of changing for “several months”?

    Come back and answer those questions.

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