No News from Biden Administration regarding Future of Detainees in McHenry County Jail

Breitbart is reporting that ICE officials are “being instructed to free all detainees in their custody.”

Illegal aliens occupy this part of the McHenry County Jail.

Breitbart cites a January 21st memo first reported by Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

An Executive Order has halted all deportations for on hundred days.

The story says,

It is unclear if ICE is currently carrying out the mass release of all 14,195 detainees in its custody, 71.45 percent of whom are convicted criminals or have pending criminal charges. These detainees are currently held in approximately 138 facilities across the United States

McHenry County has an ICE detainee floor and has since the days of Sheriff Keith Nygren.

Sheriff Bill Prim report that he has not been told to release detainees.

“We are all waiting on some direction from the new administration but that is yet to happen,” he wrote.


No News from Biden Administration regarding Future of Detainees in McHenry County Jail — 7 Comments

  1. ICE and Border Patrol need to threaten to resign en masse just as the caravan is almost here to protest the delegitimizing the immigration and border control laws that Sleepy Joe signed.

    Then let them over-run Cali, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada and break their piggy banks and teach them a lesson that crime and punishment is the only way.

    Only 3 years, 11 months and 26 days left before we can undo the undoers.

  2. Should the new president be impeached for direct reckless action on his part to stop the deportation of illegal aliens of which a majority are criminals or have pending criminal charges?

    There have been numerous times on national tv over the past two years where this new president has made outrageous statements. But, he had no power before Nov 2020. Now he has the power to make decisions and take actions that could greatly harm the US. He has shown signs of senility or dementia for two years. Also anger and being cruel. Such as pulling the tail of his dog. Is he unfit to serve? Was he unfit well before the election of Nov 2020?

    Also unresolved was an allegation by his former top Senate Aid, Tara Reade that he raped her. There were never any hearings or investigations by the federal bureau on the matter. Why are Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton, staunch advocates for women who have been violated silent on this matter?

  3. So if this goes through, Primm will have to simply release everyone he’s holding on an ICE retainer, into our communities?

    Given there is no longer a provision for them having a “sponsor” to be released to, I take it that would mean, just let them wander our streets until the County or Social Security buildings open and they can start applying for benefits.

    Way to go Joe and the Suburban Mom Dems who brought this nightmare to us all.

    Put this up there with his decision to ruin Girls HS Sports with the infusion of men who wannabe girls.

    Joe, the Moderate Man of the MIddle.

    He’s demented.

  4. Did the illegals get to vote for Biden, too?

    Why was Clerk Tirio so hot on giving jailbirds ballots?

  5. Biden had better hope that the mainstream press continues to cover for him, because we all know that there will be a surge in violent and property crimes committed by the newly released and newly arrived illegals.

  6. Early reckless actions by the new president:

    Biden Immigration Executive Orders Jan 21 2021

    100 day freeze on exportations of illegals and criminals

    Ends the “Remain in Mexico” policy

    Repeals travel ban from dangerous terrorist nations

    Reinstates DACA protections

    Halts Wall Construction

    This new president had a campaign slogan of “Build Back Better”. What he is doing serves to destroy our Nation.

  7. Today, a federal judge put a two week delay on President Robinette Biden’s order to stopthe deportation of illegal aliens including illegals that had committed crimes and those illegals who were charged with crimes.

    This new president has done many things in the last 6 days that are harmful to Americans. He also stopped the Keystone pipeline that killed thousands of good paying jobs of Americans.

    Besides him harming Americans, he also is hurting Canada by stopping the Keystone.

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