Valley Hi Update from Last Thursday Includes Deaths

From Valley Hi Nursing Home Administrator Thomas Annarella:

Valley Hi. McHenry County’s nursing home.

Good afternoon Valley Hi family.

I wanted to send out a quick, yet detailed status update on the COVID outbreak.  Unfortunately, we are still having a few residents test positive each week, now from the first floor.  We are working tirelessly to move residents around as we progress through the outbreak and they graduate to the step-down unit and eventually back to a regular nursing unit.  Here are the current numbers:

·         49 total resident positive tests since 12-8-2020

o   12 current active COVID / asymptomatic isolation residents

§  5 residents are currently in the hospital

o   9 residents have passed away since testing positive, some outside of the COVID window

·         11 staff positive tests since 12-2-2020

o   All but 1 have returned to work

This continues to be a very trying time for the entire family.  The staff and residents continue to make the best of the situation and try to normalize life as much as possible, taking into account the isolation procedures in place.  We continue to conduct staff and resident testing twice a week with a round of resident testing being done again today.

Next Thursday is our second vaccine clinic.  Please see the text messages that have gone out regarding the need for new consent forms to be completed by early next week.  Questions about the vaccine should be directed to Meghan Judson, Assistant Director of Nursing.

Staff are staying positive and hypervigilant.  We appreciate all the support we are receiving from our residents and families, it really means a lot.  The mood in the building is good despite all the challenges and I continue to be impressed each and every day by the compassion and dedication of all the Valley Hi team.  They are truly super heroes without capes.

We are closer to the end than the beginning now and I know many of the superheroes around here, myself included, are looking forward to hanging up our capes and just getting back to living the way we always have here at Valley Hi.  The best is yet to come and this will pass.

To the Valley Hi team – keep up the great work.  Your efforts are more than appreciated.

Thomas Annarella


Valley Hi Nursing and Rehab

Please note that the email domain has changed to  The old domain will still work; however please update your records.  Thank you.


Valley Hi Update from Last Thursday Includes Deaths — 6 Comments

  1. This government-funded institution for the relatives of McHenry County, Township, Municipal, etc. politicians and politically connected, must have finally woken up that they can get even more fed moolah by categorizing deaths as COVID.

  2. Blow, you are the fool. You swallow the MSM claptrap, hook line and sinker.

    Go get your vaccine and STFU.

  3. Terminator, I’m just fine and sane.

    So many people, such as you, are always negative about EVERYTHING.

    Get a life.

    Try half-full instead of always half-empty.

    Smile once in awhile and enjoy life.

    You’re only here once.

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