Grafton Township GOP Endorses Terra DeBlatz for Assessor

From the Grafton Township Republican Party:

Grafton Township Republican Party endorses Terra DeBaltz for Township assessor

At its regularly scheduled meeting Monday night at Republican Party Headquarters in Crystal Lake the Grafton Township Central committee of the Republican Party voted to endorse in the two way race for County Assessor. 

Terra DeBaltz

The endorsement went to Terra DeBaltz an 18 yearlong resident of Huntley Illinois. 

Mrs. DeBaltz currently is the Deputy Assessor for Elgin Township. 

Prior to the vote being taken Grafton Party Chairman Orville Brettman read from the Party’s bylaws to remind the committeepersons of their responsibility under section two where it is stated “

The purpose of this COMMITTEE shall be to develop, foster, advance and perpetuate good government within the township.  To perpetuate the principles of the Republican Party.  To support and otherwise do everything within its power to ensure the election of qualified Republican nominees and candidates for public office.  To support the election of candidates who are members of, or supported by, the Republican Party.


Grafton Township GOP Endorses Terra DeBlatz for Assessor — 12 Comments

  1. What do bylaws of GTRCC say about the endorsement process?

    MCRCC bylaws say you’re to use weighted vote and an endorsement requires 3/4 majority of weighted vote. Under MCRCC bylaws, the endorsement has to first be requested unanimously by the executive committee, then they still have to go through the process for calling a special meeting which is described in the bylaws, and then they can vote on it, and if 3/4 of weighted vote endorses then it’s official (and, of course, you’d have to have quorum at such a meeting).

    On the other hand, ATRCC bylaws didn’t mention endorsements.

    Does that mean an organization like ATRCC can endorse with a simple majority, does it mean they have to default to MCRCC rules, or does it mean they can’t do endorsements at all?

    Any experts here?

    Cal, could you send me a copy of Grafton’s bylaws?

  2. Great news for Terra and for the people of the Township.

    We have to make sure we dump the chump, fire the liar and take away his $30 Popeye chicken dinners and hotel on our dime when he could and should have went home and have eaten left-overs like the rest of us, who are still paying our over-assessments to make up for his neighbor’s “clerical errors” where their homes were under-assessed and never corrected when he found the so-called self admitted “errors” in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars collectively.

    Then when the county assessor’s office attempted to get him to correct the politician’s house so they didn’t have to, he wouldn’t and questioned their authority to do it, leading a reasonable person to ponder that just maybe, they weren’t really errors.

    Other people were using the politician’s low assessed house as a comp in their appeals causing grief for the County BOR.

    Wait for the next post where he did an appraisal for a house in Grafton Township not long ago as a paid side job, he put on his appraisal hat and appraised it at 300k to get the loan approved and not long thereafter he put on his ASSessor’s hat and assessed that same house at about 467k and the homeowner is currently appealing it, rightfully so.

    The people are tired of this man and his antics but he just doesn’t take a hint, kind of like he doesn’t have a conscience.

  3. Although I hope that she wins, the party shouldn’t be endorsing anyone during the primary.

  4. Hawk, it’s all township kabuki theater.

    DeBlatz is the current savior from a proven township crook, King Z, an absentee Assessor if there ever was one.

    But so what!

    In a few years DeBlatz will be the crooked she devil.

    Solution: Just get rid of townships.

  5. What jig? Not everybody who has a question is an agent of “the other side.”

    Asking a question about process and asking WHAT THE VOTE WAS doesn’t mean I support Al Z.

    Truth be told, I don’t know much about either candidate and I do not even live in Grafton Township.

    I know Al Z has been accused of some pretty bad stuff, and I think he has been around for a while, so I probably wouldn’t even be voting for him if I were an eligible voter.

    But following the rules and knowing what the final vote tally is are important details. Including the number of votes would have added to, not taken away from, this article.

  6. LEE, how about just branding Al on his forward and removing his right hand?

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