NWH Gives Bob Anderson Page 2 Platform to Advocate for Putting the McHenry Township Road District under Township Board

Reprinted with permission of Bob Anderson:

Why we should eliminate the McHenry Township Road District

The geographical boundaries of McHenry Township and the McHenry Township Road District are identical.

They are overlapping units of two governments, each with its own taxing authority. 

At the November 12, 2020  township board meeting the township board voted and passed a resolution regarding the road district transfer.

Section 2 of the Resolution reads:

A proposition shall be placed on the ballot and submitted to the electors of McHenry Township at the April 6, 2021 Consolidated Election in the following form:

“Shall the Road District of the Township of McHenry be abolished with all the rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations,and responsibilities being assumed by the Township of McHenry? (Yes…No)”   

Why did the McHenry Township Board put the question of abolishing the Road District and consolidating it into the Township before the voters? 

Because the Road District is an independent unit of government staffed by a Road Commissioner who, by law, operates with little oversight by the Township Board of Trustees and Township Supervisor. 

What does it mean if I vote “YES”?

By voting yes on this referendum question you want the Township of McHenry and the McHenry Township Road District in the Township of McHenry to be consolidated from two separate government agencies and taxing bodies into one unit of government.

The Road Commissioner position would be eliminated. 

What does it mean if I vote “NO”?

By voting no on this referendum question you are opting to maintain the status quo in which McHenry Township residents are served by two separate  government agencies and taxing bodies in the form of the Township of McHenry and the McHenry Township Road District in the Township of McHenry.

This means the Road Commissioner position will continue to remain as the sole authority overseeing the Road District in the Township of McHenry. 

Will consolidating McHenry Township Road District into McHenry Township affect the services  you currently receive?

No. There will not be any change in services that are currently provided.  

What are some advantages of McHenry Township Government consolidation?                                                                       

1) Dissolves one unit of government and taxing body within McHenry Township, with the Township of McHenry assuming all responsibilities associated with the Road District.

2) By abolishing the Road District and eliminating the Road Commissioner position, the Township of McHenry would begin to operate in a similar operational and leadership structure as municipal  and county governments with an employed staff position accountable to the elected McHenry Township Board.

3) The Road District will no longer continue to levy taxes, the Township of McHenry will be the only taxing body for all McHenry Township residents going forward.  

4) Provides increased transparency of the Road Department and its operations. 

What will happen if the Road District is abolished?

In the event that a majority of voters voting on the proposition are in favor thereof, then the Road District shall be abolished affected 90 days after vote certification or on the date the term of the Road Commissioner in office at the time the proposition was approved by the voters expires, whichever is later.                                                                                                                                 

Have other Townships consolidated their Township Road Districts into their Township Government?


At the recent November 3, 2020 Presidential Election the voters in three of Illinois’ Townships eliminated their Township Road Districts.

These were Ela, Blomingdale and Elk Grove Townships.  


NWH Gives Bob Anderson Page 2 Platform to Advocate for Putting the McHenry Township Road District under Township Board — 11 Comments

  1. He always fails to mention that if the Road District is absorbed by the Township that a Forman or supervisor of some kind will have to be hired to run the day to day operation of the road Dept.

    Also the money to run the road district will still have to be levied by the township.

    It will probably cost more to hire someone capable then they pay now.

    As usual Bob only gives us half of the facts.

  2. The Road Dist. Ripoffs will cease.

    There will be more transparency.

    But townships themselves ought to be eliminated outright.

    There are way too many employees.

  3. It’s so simple.

    Do a cost-benefit analysis.

    Better to be safe than sorry.

  4. This has become it’s own 3 ring circus with 3 clowns running the show.

    What will they come up with next???

  5. That appeared in the Monday, January 25th edition.

    Today’s page 2 was about Franks and the Illinois Integrity Fund.

  6. Frank’s and integrity in the same sentence is very amusing 🤡

  7. Can’t wait for these “mini politicians” to clear out of the Township after the April 6th election and begin their journeys as three of the most despised people in the area.

    They have ignored the will of the people and the good of its residents, inconvenienced them, and with their petty egotistical agenda have nauseated thousands.

    Why consolidate the Road District with the Township?

    The residents are satisfied with the management and services they are receiving, and this is the key, it’s their money, and they choose to spend it by maintaining their community and property.

    Myself as an example, less than $20.00 a month is a value!

    “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”

    I can remember a cold damp Spring night right after the COVID Pandemic had been declared that epitomizes the shallow, lame brain nature of these three terms of office.

    They had called for an “Emergency Meeting” to raise the bus fare on the Township and Senior Bus on the most vulnerable residents in the Township.

    Because I had to call into the meeting, and had just gotten back into the area, I had to pull into a parking lot and hold my cell phone to my ear for over an hour to follow the meeting.

    One of the three “Trustees” called out that those using the Senior Bus were “Thieves”, the other Trustees chimed in “Thieves!”.

    There you have it, these three “Trustees” raised bus fares on Seniors and Disabled during a pandemic, and called an Emergency Meeting to do it!

    What else do we need to know?

  8. Hmmmm going from one Boss to five Bosses?

    That will be a nightmare if the Township Board has control.

    I’m all for working together but trying to get 5 people to agree on anything especially as the Board don’t usually know beans about how a Road District works.

  9. Chapman, being an Algonquin township trustee your words ring hollow.

    As with most township personnel, your aim is to perpetuate your Republican position.

    Sadly it seems you’re not aware that a simple majority would rule.

    And surely you’re aware that the road commissioners, universally, don’t know beans about road maintenance.

    All they need do is be 18 years old and show allegiance to the Republican Party political control..

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