Grafton Township GOP Drafting Censure Motion for Congressman Adam Kinzinger

From the Gradton Township Republican arty:

Grafton Township Republicans drafting resolution of Censure against Representative Adam Kinzinger

At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Grafton Township Republican Party a motion was passed to direct its Chairman to draft two resolutions for presentation and approval at its next meeting. 

Resolution 1 would be a resolution of censure against Rep. Adam Kinzinger similar in nature to the one used to censure Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming for her vote to impeach President Donald Trump. 

Resolution 2 would be to call upon the McHenry County Republican Central Committee to pass a similar resolution in support of censure. 

“The Grafton Township Republicans were collectively appalled that Articles of Impeachment against President Trump were filed and voted upon by members of the U.S. House of Representatives with

  • no formal hearing held,
  • no quantifiable evidence presented,
  • no witnesses sworn to give testimony, and
  • no right to cross examine the accusers provided,”

said their Chairman Orville Brettman. 

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Grafton is McHenry County’s second largest township with about 56,000 people.


Grafton Township GOP Drafting Censure Motion for Congressman Adam Kinzinger — 20 Comments

  1. Why, exactly, are they “appalled” ?

    To begin with, impeachment is a political, not a legal, process.

    To the extent akin to a criminal investigation and subsequent proceeding, an impeachment investigation by the House of Representatives is analogous to a criminal investigation conducted by law enforcement and a prosecution team. Those under investigation have none of the legal rights listed.

    (“Hey, Sheriff, I hear your office is investigating me. Can I have a list of and question your informants ? And when will you hold a hearing in your office ?”)

    Issuance of an Article of Impeachment by the House is akin to an accusatory document filed by a prosecutor’s office (an information or indictment); trial takes place in the Senate.

    “An impeachment is instituted by a written accusation, called an ‘Article of Impeachment,’ which states the offense charged. The articles serve a purpose similar to that of an indictment in an ordinary criminal proceeding. Manual Sec. 609.”

    None of the listed so-called rights exist with respect to such an accusatory mechanism.

    (By the way, the original Constitution, which provides for impeachment, did not even mention due process. Hence, the framers couldn’t have contemplated it in the context of impeachment. Such a concept wasn’t included in the Constitution until the ratification of the first ten amendments (to be specific, the Fifth Amendment) to the Constitution in 1791.

    It’s at trial in the Senate that Fifth Amendment due process rights, to the extent applicable at all, come into possible consideration. (See,e.g., Hastings vs. U.S. Senate, Impeachment Trial Comm., 716 F. Supp. 38, 39 (D.D.C. 1989); see also Buckner F. Melton, Jr., Federal Impeachment and Due Process: the Framers’ Intent, 52 Md.L.Rev. 437, 438 (1993)

    (“Every impeachment defendant has either expressly or impliedly asserted that he was entitled to due process or other criminal procedural rights, and that the Senate actions denied him those rights.”)).

    And, by and large, such assertions of due process rights during trial in the Senate have been shot down.

    So, they were “collectively appalled”, were they ?

    That could hardly have been based upon what has so far transpired, which is in accordance with the Constitution, legal principles and precedents.

    Could it be primarily because of their partisan affiliation ?

  2. Yes, Adam Kinzinger committed malpractice, his job in this case was like that of a Grand Juror except he voted to “indict” the said defendant by reading the Washington post and watching CNN.

    Time to indict Adam, where do I sign??

    Next will be Durbin and Duckworth for a sham of an illegal impeachment trial.

  3. Grafton isn’t part of Kinzinger’s 16th congressional district, unlike the one used to censure Rep. Liz Cheney in Wyoming.

    This is like interference by outsiders in Wisconsin’s recall election and interference in Alg Twh by Jack Franks and Bob Anderson.

    Orville Brettman and pals should keep their big noses out of other peoples business.

  4. I suggested this to Eric Sivertsen, lazy boy head of the Nonfunctioning McHenry Township GOP.

    No response.

  5. If Kinzinger were not promoting himself for a statewide run, you would be right.

  6. Apart from the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, just what are the consequences of a censure by a township political party ?

  7. A child in an 8th grade class on civics would understand that the U.S. Constitution’s Article on impeachment of a president is applicable to a sitting president of which the purpose is to remove him from office. As of Noon on January 20, 2021, the sitting president is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

    The current effort by Congressional Democrats to impeach Trump and remove him from office is irrational and illogical. Trump’s term in office expired at Noon on January 20, 2021. He became a private citizen at that time and is no longer a sitting president. At this time, the only president that could qualify for impeachment and removal from office is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr if he were deemed to have committed high crimes and misdemenors.

    In the last week, it would appear that even though Biden has taken numerous actions by executive order, none probably could be termed high crimes and misdemeanors but merely(?) incompetence and stupidity.

  8. McHenry County GOP’s executive committee includes Chairman Tyler Wilke, Secretary Karen Tirio, and Treasurer Tim Beck.

    I’m not sure who the VC is since Chuck Wheeler passed away.

    If you would like to see Adam Kinzinger censured, contact those people.

  9. bred winner

    I believe you’re incorrect on that.

    In fact, impeachment proceedings have gone forward even after an official has resigned.

    “The Senate convened its trial in early April, with Belknap present, after agreeing that it retained impeachment jurisdiction over former government officials.”

  10. I think you Republicans here are corrupt and despicable

    You play dirty and are little babies, So your okay with Trump inciting and promoting the attack of our capital and 5 people with 1 being a police officer is okay.

    Of course you are because your okay with Trumps lack of ethics and morals and his love of stirring up violence.

    I love the speech where he said he’s like to just punch him in the face, You to know if his coup would have been successful you’d be soon living under a fascist regime.?

    Or are you going to your alternative reality that he’s do great.

    I despise living in this county band can’t wait to move your all a bunch of red neck yahoo’s sitting in a chair drinking your beer playing armchair politicians

  11. I’m with Sayno.

    The Repugs have become a party of NO plans, NO morals and NO following the law.

    Imagine if Obama had incited the violence which was perpetrated by tRump.

    They would have hung him.

    The only reason tRump wasn’t Impeached while in office is because the Senate wasn’t in session.

    So, he can incite a riot in which 7 people were killed and face no consequences??

    In case you’re stupid, the most important consequence of this Impeachment is that HE NEVER BE ALLOWED TO EVER RUN FOR OFFICE AGAIN.

    He was a disaster, ignored a pandemic where 400,000 Americans are dead.

    Repugs need to get their heads out of their arses.

    Kinzinger has his head on straight.

  12. You you ‘patriots’ think it is acceptable for a person to attempt to incite a riot on Capital grounds in an attempt to overthrow the election by force.

    If that is the case then you are no longer Americans.

    you are nothing but third world gutter trash.

  13. Yes Pat, I do.

    It’s also acceptable to tar and feather wipes like you.

    Pat, Please move to Oak Park and hawk your swill, but don’t get too close to Austin Blvd!

  14. Wouldn’t this be a prime example of cancel culture ?

    As I recall, John F. Kennedy wrote a book about politicians who jeopardized their political careers by voting their conscience instead of toeing the party line.

    What was it he labeled such actions ?

  15. “Wouldn’t this be a prime example of cancel culture ?”


    Get your balaclavas and meet at Washington Square Park in Ottawa, IL tomorrow at 1 p.m.

    The PEOPLE are about to #CancelKinzinger

  16. What’s this I hear about 36 county GOPs have either issued statements disavowing and/or are considering censures, including in McHenry and Winnebago County, of Congressman Kinzinger…

    Oh, and now Mr. Kinzinger is saying he “knew” his vote would make him an outcast and likely unelectable.

    That is interesting because about a week or two ago he was saying he welcomed a civil war in the GOP and seemed to think the Trump people were going to get yeeted.

    Nah, man, it’s gonna be Kinzinger who gets yeeted, and as soon as that became obvious he moved the goalposts and said it was always about integrity, not winning a GOP power struggle. OK…

    The Republican Party is not the anti-Trump party so Kinzinger should leave the Republican Party.

    He will never be elected again.

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