CORRECTED HEADLINE – Over Half of Those Over 65 Have Been SIGNED UP FOR Covornavirus Vaccinations

From the McHenry County Department of Health:

Vaccine enrollment of residents 65 or older passes 25,000

WOODSTOCK — The McHenry County Department of Health (MCDH) is announcing that as of Wednesday, January 27, over 25,000 McHenry County residents who are 65 or older have enrolled to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

MCDH has prioritized people who are 65 or older because they are considered higher risk and estimates that there are over 44,000 people within that population in McHenry County.

The health department expects the number of residents who enroll within that population to increase and will continue to administer first and second dose vaccine to the Phase 1a priority group.

Clinics hosted by the health department and community partners have limited appointments based on vaccine availability.

Residents who receive a link to register for an appointment but are unable to find an open appointment slot due to high demand should continue to check their email as new clinics are added as vaccine availability allows. 

The State of Illinois is also partnering with retail pharmacies such as Walgreens and Jewel-Osco to provide COVID-19 vaccinations. Information about where and how to schedule an appointment with these pharmacies is available at

MCDH is also encouraging residents to look for communications from their healthcare provider’s health system about the option to receive the vaccine at their clinics.

Clinics at MCDH, pharmacies and healthcare systems are by appointment or invitation only.

McHenry County residents who have enrolled with MCDH but seek an appointment at a participating pharmacy or healthcare system will not be removed from the health department’s enrollment list.

“Now is the time to learn about all the options for where you can schedule an appointment for a vaccine,” said MCDH Public Health Administrator Melissa Adamson.

“We expect that as more vaccine becomes available, obtaining an appointment will get easier. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these other resources to get vaccinated if given the opportunity.” 

For those who need assistance with transportation to and from an appointment, please contact Senior Services Associates. Arranging transportation as soon as an appointment has been scheduled is strongly encouraged. Contact Senior Services Associates by visiting  or by calling (815) 344-3555.

More information about enrolling for a COVID-19 vaccine is available at


CORRECTED HEADLINE – Over Half of Those Over 65 Have Been SIGNED UP FOR Covornavirus Vaccinations — 13 Comments

  1. The headline is misleading.

    It says that over half have been vaccinated, but the article says that they have been enrolled.

  2. It’s basically impossible to actually make an appointment to ger vaccinated at most of the places which supposedly offer the service.

    It would be great if you could target your coverage on vaccine delivery rather than just how many are filling out some questionnaire.

  3. Cindy Are you referring to the elders as poor deluded bastards???

  4. How do you know its Half?

    magic ball you got?

    again someone else who can’t count!

  5. I thought you Q people realized that you lost hope when your orange Jesus wasn’t re-elected.

    Or did you just dig deeper into your bat-shit crazy conspiracies?

    Eitherway kids, be smart, wear a mask, get vaccinated, check non-biased peer reviewed content, and don’t be like these racists.

  6. Cindy doesn’t have, etc.? YOU ARE A MORON. The screen name you chose shows how a simpleton thinks. You display your utter idiocracy to all when you throw junk like that all over this blog. You can’t even spell and you keep coming up with dumber and dumber names. This isn’t a game. Aren’t you embarrassed to play the fool?

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