Eric Dowd Mails Again

Nunda Township challenger for the office of Road Commissioner has dropped a piece comparing himself with incumbent Mike Lesperance.


Eric Dowd Mails Again — 11 Comments

  1. Strange mailing.

    But he’s right about the “Iron'” Mike the township crook who hired Bobby Miller, the township crook emperor.

    But Dowd better announce he will not under any circumstances unionize the township with local 150 thugs!

    Or I’m voting for Mike!

  2. CPTKangaroo, there is some concern about that which has been stated on here.

    Someone should try to get Dowd on record about that issue so that voters know where he stands.

    TheTerminator on 01/25/2021 at 8:22 am said:

    Why is the corrupt 150 union backing Dowd?

    Please explain that to me.

    O my on 01/25/2021 at 6:02 pm said:

    Rob Parish is a local 150 operator.

    Overtaxed Senior on 01/25/2021 at 8:40 pm said:

    I cannot support anyone backed by 150.

    No one.


    Dowd let us down when he sold his soul to the Devil..

  3. Dowd is back by Local 150 operator,

    They have paid for all the mailing that have been in our mail boxes lately

    Reminder the parrish’s are union backer So voters beware who you choose.

  4. All of these trash can liners bear the union label !

    The lunch pail organization is for sure funded by local 150 monies and quite obvious !

    When will the next glamour photos of this whole group be mailed out ?The perceived notion of the right choice is only a catch phrase to look for the Union Label !

    Look for this snow shovelor to be sitting behind a desk as pictured and as stated in his last try four years ago !

    How many hall bums does it take ruin a Township Highway Dept.

    Answer only 1.

  5. I have no intention of unionizing the Township road district.

    I will however open competetive bidding on road projects.

    I believe the most cost-effective, safest and most reliable way to pave roads is to leave it to the professionals.

    The road district employees are great, however they are not a paving crew.

    When Nunda Township paves a road they are not following the IDOT handbook, this means the roads are not as safe as they should be and will deteriorate more rapidly then necessary.

    The in-house paving program also has a higher cost per ton when compared to contracting the work out.

    Furthermore, when paving is performed in-house the Township has no recourse and it also opens the Township up to litigation.

    In the interest of the taxpayer I believe the Nunda paving empire should end. The focus of the road district should be maintaining the roads not constructing them.

    Rob Parrish has been a local 150 operator for twenty plus years and it has not had a negative effect on how he has performed as a Trustee over the last four years.

  6. Eric is lying.

    If local 150 goes to Eric to unionize theses employees what do u think Eric will say.

    150 invested money in this race.

  7. Wait a damn minute.

    If the Township board votes for it, how can Dowd stop it?

  8. The township board does not vote on unionization the employees of the road district do.

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